Was Jesus ever married?-Bryan Chapell



  • 2012-03-29T14:53:31

As God, Jesus was far above and far beyond human marriage. The wondering is more irrelevant than asking, "Can a galaxy become a planet?" Some human relationships( father-son, husband-bride, friends, teacher-disciple, master-slave, etc) signify some features of our relationship with our Creator God and our Savior Jesus Christ, but never wholly or exclusively. Jesus is said to be the Bridegroom. I think this particular title signifies the following concepts in the purest sense; brightness, newness, honor, freshness, blissful light, wholeness, sacrifice, liberation, devotion, joyful exclusive love, committed delightful trust, thirst-quenching cherishing...

  • 2011-08-29T15:08:43

In Jewish culture men were required to preach and teach a certain amount of time in the Synagogues and to the people. In order for them to do that it was required for the men to be married. Christ was never challenged on his marital status. All because we do not have a record of it does not mean it didn't happen. When God created Adam and Eve He married them and commanded them to be fruitful and multiply. That commandment has never been rescinded. Christ was perfect and obeyed all of Father's commandments. It is a logical supposition that Christ was married. These are only two evidences from the Bible that does support the idea that Christ could very well have been married and in all reality probably was.

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