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amazing then that Paul could write (KJV) I thank my God, I speak with tongues more than ye all: 1st Corinthians 14:18

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The fact is that the gift of tongues is different than the speaking of other tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance as was recorded in the Book of Acts. The tongue itself is a dangerous tool in our body. He who bridles the tongue bridles the whole body. Our body once it is filled with the Spirit of God or the Holy Ghost, or the Comforter, becomes the temple of God. To allow the Spirit to fill us we must fully yield ourselves to the Spirit. Strangely to us but not God yielding to God therefore totally happens when we allow God to gain control of our tongue. The Bible says as the Spirit gives the utterance. We don't make up tongues to talk in. Although scientists and other humanistic professionals have labeled it glossolalia, this heavenly language which is brought to us for several reasons is real as real can be. I have seen children as young as four years old speak in tongues with tears pouring out of their eyes. This sign of the baptism of the Holy Spirit is only one of the sign though. Yes it is the outward evidence of the baptism of the Spirit. But afterwards other things happen. You all know that there are the fruits of the Spirit. Being filled or baptized in the Holy Ghost also presents the recipient with a change of their lifestyles, their actions, and their goals in life. Many times you see in the book of Acts that people spoke in tongues when they were filled with the Holy Ghost. This was the outward evidence. The gift of tongues as you are talking about is just the same as the gift of healing, or any of the other gifts such as prophesying. You did not see the book of Acts say they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began healing or began showing wisdom, or any of the other Spiritual gifts which are listed in 1rst Corinthians Chapter 12. However they did speak in tongues and only after the spirit gave the utterance. As the brother has already mentioned I believe there was some disorder in the speaking of tongues when Paul was addressing those who were speaking out of turn. So to clarify, yes hen you are fully baptized in the Holy Ghost you will indeed speak in tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance. I invite you to pray and seek until you do. This speaking in tongues in your prayer life also is a way for the Spirit to act as an intercessor for you on your behalf. I suggest you all go back and read more about tongues. Read the chapter in 1 Corinthians 14 again. Read the Book of Acts again. Tongues from the Spirit are for the church today, as is healing, miracles, prophesying, and all the other gifts. Tongues are also verification that you have received the Holy Ghost fully. To say that this gift was only for the early church would also say the other gifts listed are only for the early church. Shall we also say that we no longer need to apply the blood of Jesus to rid us of our sins? If we begin to take away parts of the Bible what can this lead to but erosion of the truth, which has already happened and even started while the apostles were still alive.

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Mandy Falugo The 'gift' of tongues has not existed since the early second century, in the apostolic sense. the Apostles were able to place their hands on believers and give them gifts, but those people were not able to give the gifts to others, according to the early church fathers. I don't believe that tongues in the NT sense exists today, and when some who claim to have the gift use their glossalalia (estatic speech) and it is 'interpreted' by several others, there are always different interpretations of the same tongue! On Pentecost in Acts 2, the word tongues is better translated as "languages" because each of the people who came to worship in Jerusalem at this festival heard one of the Apostles speaking to them in his/her own language. They were REAL LANGUAGES. The gibberish that Pentecostals speak today is not from God, and does not serve to bless the church, but to divide it...as we see here. Paul would rather speak one word in an understandable language than 10,000 in a tongue that others do not understand. The GREATEST gift is LOVE. So-called Faith-Healers are frauds and do a great dis-service to the church, raking in millions of dollars and buying jets. God heals, but this talk distracts from God's grace in Christ Jesus as our Savior from sin, received by faith. -pbd

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Thank you for a very well-reasoned and open-minded answer. I belong to a charismatic church and I am blessed to have this spiritual gift. After three decades of discussing this issue, I have noticed two very ridiculous positions: one held by some non-charismatics and one held by some charismatics (or Pentecostals, if you prefer). The first ridiculous position is: "Tongues is not of God and is satanic." Right, all these people loving God more and reading their Bible more and witnessing and going to the mission field is of Satan...right. The other ridiculous position is: "If you don't speak in tongues, you are not Spirit-filled" Right. Billy Graham, Bill Bright, Josh McDowell, Chuck Colson, etc are not Spirit-filled…right. Hey I believe the gift is open to all, but I wish I had as much of the Spirit as these so-called "non-Spirit-filled" people.

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I believe the gift today is mostly for our edification, to build us up and to help us worship and pray from my spirit to Gods Spirit, -speaking to God, beyond what I can comprehend. It is given to us for our benefit to use respectively not as a way to show off our spiritual life. I travel a lot and if in a place of worship I will be very careful as I use this gift. I am more quiet and private, as most churches do not allow the Holy Spirit to move in that realm. I disagree that you can have this gift and yet not be spirit filled. That does not make biblical or even common sense? Let's us all focus on the main gift that brings forgiveness, and God grace and mercy - Gods love!

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1 Cor 14: 1 Pursue love, yet desire earnestly spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy. 2 For one who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God ; for no one understands, but in his spirit he speaks mysteries. Ingrid, Paul addresses some of your questions. Look at the end of vs 2 - "for no one understands, but in his spirit he speaks mysteries."

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Brother Paul! Hello. I'm writing to point out that you have made some serious assumptions in your comment. (No condemnation-we all have assumptions when we read the Word.) However, you can assume that vs 10 "but when the perfect comes, the partial will be done away" means the Perfect= the NT and the Partial = gifts. But that is a dbl assumption! Then you assume that the gift of Tongues, as used in I Cor is the Apostolic gift. Another assumption! (Paul was addressing the whole assembly in his letter-he wasn't talking about Apostolic giftings). Brother, when our initial assumptions are incorrect, then all the reasoning based on the incorrect...is incorrect!

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I think the Western Church services are not anything like the church in the Book of Acts where, in my understanding everyone was allowed to talk in church. I think the main obstacle to overcome first of all is to allow talking in church.

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@ Ingrid but the bible calls for interpretation so how do you explain someone being hard pressed to interpret an angelic tongue. If the bible calls for interpretaion then no matter what language Greek, angelic, Spanish whatever an interpretation is demanded by the speaker if they have seized the congregation.

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this is a difference between speaking in tongues and praying in the spirit.

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When St Paul says that prophecy, tongues and knowledge will cease when "perfection" comes, I believe that these signs no longer were needed in the Church when the perfect revelation of the new Testament was completed by the end of the first century. Tongues, and the gift of miracles are Apostolic gifts, just like being called by God to author a book of Scripture (2 Cor 12:12, Acts 2:42; Acts 5:12; Matt 10:1; Eph 3:5.) GOD does miracles and heals today, to be sure- but I don't believe that He has promised that people today will have Apostolic gifts any more than there are Apostles in the narrow sense living today. They are the FOUNDATION that the Church has been built on (Eph 2:20) If someone speaks in some strange tongue today, they need to find out exactly what language it is, where it is spoken, and go share the gospel with the people there who understand it. -pbd

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I think it's more of "speaking in another tongue" as an another "language" ie: spanish, greek, hebrew...not so much "angleic tongue" one would be hard pressed to find someone to interprete this "angelic tongue. If you do have an "angleic tongue" this is for you alone in your worship of Christ. As this young man has said not to build up your "ego".

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I believe it is for the church today, but it is not used as the Bible says it is to be used. I believe a lot of people fake it to make others believe they are speaking in tongues. I have also seen people get up and give a message and there is no interpretation...I believe it is a real gift to be used in today's church, but a lot of fakery is involved..I left a Pentecostal Church and now attend a Baptist Church where I should have been all along..You really have to be careful if it is supposed to be God speaking to us through some person. BEWARE!

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I grew up in pentecostal/charismatic churches most of my life. I still believe that tongues are for today, but I have yet to see them occur in the way explained in the Bible.

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I do believe, and I do speak in tongue.

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