I Believe in the Devil



  • 2014-07-20T14:26:04

satan is anything that separates us from God. he's here, he's alive & very busy!

  • 2013-03-28T15:36:25


  • 2012-10-21T13:30:12

satan comes in all shapes and forms... She, he, a new job that looks so good, but pulls you away from God/ the church. I had a girlfriend that was satan himself and tempted me and pulled me down and I prayed God whatever it takes get her out of my life. It took a car, but man that car was well worth it!

  • 2012-03-23T16:02:54

Very powerful - but, I have never heard of Satan being referred to as a "she".

  • 2012-03-21T04:05:57

because satan gets to a man through a girl because she is what is his weakness, that's what satan does, he knows that lust will lead to sin and that is why he uses a girl that would b the last place where u'd think satan would b

  • 2012-03-13T22:27:23

This video wsa awesome, but why does he refer to satan as a girl?

  • 2012-02-20T04:51:03


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