The Right Choice



  • 2012-05-15T12:26:02

WOW!!! I watched this again and you guessed it I cried again:)

  • 2012-05-15T04:56:14

Thank you so much for making this video. It is a beautiful tribute to God's grace and love. May God continue to give you strength and a deep knowledge of His care for you and Christian. Thank you again.

  • 2012-05-13T04:57:25

Your family is an amazing one! The love a mother feels for her children is an inspiring and wonderful one. Christian is wonderful and he looks so happy. I hope he continues to be blessed and understands how special and amazing he is as he grows up. :D You definitely made the right choice.

  • 2012-05-13T03:02:36

wonderful testimony. may God bless you and family along your journey, with such loving and wonderful parents, Christian will receive all the love he needs to know and understand Gods love and purpose for his life.

  • 2012-05-12T20:47:11

you are very blessed to have a beautiful baby boy, everyone one of gods children are beautiful its how you are as a person that can make someone ugly I know with a parent like you he will be beautiful inside and out, Be thankful for being a mother there are plenty of women out there who never get the pleasure of being a mother I thought I was one it took me 8 years of trying thru fertility :)

  • 2012-05-12T17:13:43

You are an amazing Mom with an amazing son! You are both an inspiration to all. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

  • 2012-05-12T16:18:03

very inspirational

  • 2012-05-12T15:59:23

God Bless You all! <3

  • 2012-05-12T14:34:14

My beloved seeker of my precious savior may yahshua ( Jesus ) bring yout to our Fathers kingdom , May your gift of our Father , your Chris and baby be bless , I want to be your friend in Facebook, my name is Carlos Humberto , Avellaneda, and Ruth Vega we all ask our Father blesss you Amen.

  • 2012-05-11T16:34:07

Happy Mothers Day to a very special mother, he is beautiful!

  • 2012-05-11T04:16:27

We are all imperfect and God loves each one of us completely and without reservation. God bless you and Christian. God has great plans for you. Keep trusting and be strong in your faith. Thank you for sharing your story!

  • 2012-05-11T03:52:46

Thank you for sharing your video, I too have a boy who is stared at a lot by the "normal" people in the world. He is 22 with a chromosome deletion that is quite rare, and he was born with a partial cleft palate, has never spoken a word in 22 years, has the mind of a 8 month old, and the sweetest smile ever seen! So glad you kept your boy, that was the RIGHT decision and all the hard things you have suffered have given your own self great beauty! Your love for your son Christian is written all over your face and it is beautiful! My son is also the "love of my life". I know exactly what you mean! God has given us these children to test us and to make us more Christ-like in our love and life, not because we are special, strong or can handle it. He gives us the grace! God bless you!

  • 2012-05-11T03:09:47

Your an amazing mother...and God blessed you with an amazingly beautiful baby, Christian... There is a purpose for everything, and God knew you would do great things with Christian.. you have done more than that! Thankyou for sharing your beautiful son with the world, he has the most awesome smile Ive ever seen. Your truely blessed! Christain is truely the luckiest baby to have the most awesome parents God could give him. :)

  • 2012-05-11T02:52:23

WOW. YOU and Christian are the inspiration, and his Father, too. Praise God that you did what you thought was right, and didn't give into pressure from "the world". Praise the Lord. He knows what he is doing, and maybe years down the road, when your Christian is a wonderful man, you'll see the beauty that the Lord truly had in store for you and your son. You are also the inspiration, Momma. Praise the Lord for your amazing and strong family. You'll be in our prayers. You are not alone, Missy.

  • 2012-05-11T01:24:04

I am not sure where you guys live but when you guys are looking for schooling for Christian, W. Ross Macdonald school in Brantford Ontario is an awesome school for students that are visually impaired. It goes from grade 1-12 and has some amazing programs for the students. To go to the school the student can be from any where in Ontario. I am currently doing a co-op placement there and it is awesome and the students really love it.

  • 2012-05-10T23:51:12

God bless you child. you are a special person.

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