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  • 2013-02-23T17:46:03

Ian Chai Ian, you are wrong. The many gods combined under allah are the little idols of the tribes of Ishmael and Esau and the 12 princes of the Arabs, not the 12 tribes of Israel under the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Satan played a clever trick here to lead muslims to an eternity in darkness. Satan's subtle trick leads the tribes from Abraham's son and grandson Ishmael and Esau into a different place , of violence and eternal death. Pray for muslims to see the truth before it is too late for them. Mohammed hmself, in his dying words asked God to let him be with Him, next to JESUS. Yet that word and the words of (Surah 3:55 and 19:33) are NOT taught in islam. Sada. Ian, you are perpetrating the mistaken lie by all you say here to mis-lead innocent souls whether you intend to or not.

  • 2013-02-23T17:39:20

Ian, you are misleading souls for eternity, with your mistaken semantics. Allah is a name for the combined idols of the Arab tribes, under the family idol of Mohammed's tribe, the moon god of the ancient Babolynians. It is NOT the same God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. It is the god-idols of the various tribes that evolved from Ishmael and Esau, trus from Abraham's loins, but not God's seed which went through Issac. THAT is WHY the Bible SPECIFICALLY delineates the God of ABRAHAM< ISSAC AND JACOB> How many people will you be responsible for mis-leading for eternity Ian ?

  • 2013-02-23T17:35:04

Alan Iknewiwasmadandnowicanproveit Collins The dozens of virgins were a mis-translation of one word - white raisins - a delicacy among Arabs. These men die martys'deaths for a small box of raisins and do not know it. Satan laughs his hideous giggle as he drags muslim souls to hell unsuspecting.

  • 2013-02-23T17:32:28

Ian Chai Sorry, the semantics are wrong. Allah is a compilation of the Arab tribal idols. This is NOT the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, but of the tribes of Ishmael and Esau. Mohammed wished to unite the tribes. He put them all under the Moon god idol of His Tribe, and called it ONE. There were little family idols in the saddle bags of Rachel, when Issac brought her back from her tribes. These were household idols each tribe in Pran and other tribes had. But Jehovah carried His line through Abraham, Issac and Jacob, to Egypt, then out with Moses, to David, then to Jesus the Messiah. Abraham's other son, and grandson, Ishmael and Esau began the desert tribes of the wild man of the desert, the Arabs, who were united by Mohammed under the consolidated idols of their tribes allah. It is a matter of history, NOT semantics. Do not mislead people with inaccurate history nor intellectual theories because eternity depends on accuracy . Allah is NOT the Father of Jesus nor the Abba Father God Most High of the Christians and Jews.

  • 2013-02-23T17:22:19

Yes, and the last words of Mohammed are a request to God that he can sit on a throne NEXT to JESUS. Does islam teach THOSE FINAL words of their prophet ?

  • 2013-02-23T17:18:35

Fenita Yosi Allah in NOT the same god of Christians. allah is a composite of the many tribal gods ofthe Arab tribes, which Mohammed brought together under one name headed by the Arab Moon god.Mohammed did that to unite the many Arab tribes for his purposes. There is indeed one god of the muslims - the Arab moon god, allah, NOT the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob of all Christians and Jews. The allah one god thing is a trick by satan to lead muslim believers into the wrong kingdom, of darkness and deeds and futile martyrdom, while the loving Father God, Abba requires only that you know, love and obey his kind commands and knoww His son Jeshua Messiah Adonai, who brings love, not works to the forefront. No moon god ever died for our sins on a Roman cross so we could come close to Abba Father again. No moon god rose from the dead.

  • 2013-02-23T17:10:13

Ian Chai alla is indeed a composite : of the many portable, tribal, idols of the Arab tribes, all brought to gether under the one Arab MOON GO. Allah is NOT the God of Arbaham Issac and Jacob, that is why Yaweh - Jehovah is dilineated through that line. Alla is the god of Abraham's line through Ismael, Esau - a very different entity and not The God Most High of the Christian- Judaic tradition. Make no mistake, Noah's rebellious son, disliked God for the flood and all the worldy pleasues God ended, and that son began the rebellious pagan religions of the world, starting with the wife of Nimrod's "Queen of Heaven" Ashtar, Moon godess and moon god of the muslims.

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  • 2012-11-03T18:02:23

what the fuck are u all talking about , I have a lot of respect for all Christians around the world. but there is something u guys should know their is only 1 god and that god is god of all of us we cal him allah and u cal him god it the same like how u say hi in english language and merhba in arabic it both means hi. but Jesus is not the son of god he is a prophet and if god would have a son why would he have chosen him in the hole world why didn't he chose any of the other prophets like it says in the qoran he will come back to role the world and bring back peace to it. and I am not an arab I'm a KURD FROM KURDISTAN IRAQ.

  • 2012-10-01T16:03:17

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God, and the Word became flesh.....John 1:1. Read it . Therefore how is it blasphemous to call Jesus God, when he thought it not robbery to be called God?

  • 2012-09-12T17:57:23

Is there a written transcript of this video anywhere? I can understand some of what he has said.. but my hearing isn't so great anymore!

  • 2012-07-25T21:20:06

Avram and 衍宜 The God of Abraham Isaac and Job is not the same god as Allah, Your both wrong by tring to say that it is. Elohim is not the same as Yahweh. Yahweh is the God of Abraham Isaac and Job. When they use elohim they are talking about god and not God. I don't give a crap what anyone says any where in the world Yahweh is the only true God. Elohim (אֱלֹהִ֔ים) is a grammatically singular or plural noun for "god" or "gods" in both modern and ancient Hebrew language. Which does not refer at all to the God of Abraham Isaac and Job. Yahweh ( Hebrew: יהוה), often rendered Jehovah /dʒɨˈhoʊvə/ or the LORD (in small capitals), is the god of Israel

  • 2012-07-25T04:14:31

Sun god idol.

  • 2012-07-17T20:52:44

I'm trying to find where & why I wrote my above comment??? I have never seen this video b4 this, let me know if someone finds it, thanks

  • 2012-07-16T11:37:28

I think that the tower of Babel did suceed to prove that it exists in the language differences. Dear people, know Him from whom comes Life and Peace and is love/life /peace itself, all names you will understand are indicative of qualities of the Divine or attributes. Try to know Him and all language BUT LOVE will fall away speechlessness and lack of utility as inadequate. Why break your head the TRUTH will set us all free. His Grace is enough for us. My own take is that according to the Qur'an, that says the Jews did not kill him at all is right because the Romans did under the Roman law (misused of course as evidence was not supported for the alleged crime). However, the one who sins is equally guilty. Do not judge therefore as we will be judged by the same measure. Rather seek the K.O.G. first and all will be added unto you. Finally the Judgement will decide who is in - the one who obeys God alone; and (follows Yeshua/Jesus/Isa) not wears the badge alone will receive their reward. Fear Not therefore little ones, Let the Father decide. Praise God!

  • 2012-06-22T17:41:36

Robert Roop,Allen Warren: Please refine your search to Al Elah (the God), Elahi (my God), you'll see the hebrew similarity to Eloi (Hebrew, Aramaic). Arabic grammar allows for Al (the) the article to be conjoined to become Allah.

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