Amazing! Kids Sing Jesus Messiah



  • 2014-05-31T15:47:56

I think this is AWESOME that instead of causing trouble like most kids/teens these days, they chose to be a witness for Christ! How wonderful is that. If more kids would do this, we wouldn't have half the problems we have today! Very sincere and passionate about Jesus and Worship! How many of us can say that about ourselves? God bless you! Come to Dallas one day and I'll definitely come see you!

  • 2014-04-28T14:37:24

I have listened to several of your songs. God has given you all a great talent at a very young age. Always keep him first in your life. The enemy WILL try to distract you, tempt you, and pull you away from The LORD. I pray your hearts stay pure and that you stay in love with Jesus for the rest of your lives. You each and together are a beautiful gift that God has given to His body. Keep singing with the joy and love for Jesus that I see and hear today. Blessings on you and your family.

  • 2013-11-24T23:27:04

i have been so blessed as i listened to you singing i am going to the hospital tomorrow to find out my results and have been so down with the pain you just lifted me up where i needed to be looking to jesus thank you so much

  • 2013-02-25T01:26:34

Kids like this are a gift from God. It makes me think about those little ones at Sandy Hook and one of them in Arizona that would be alive today if the NRA had not lobbied to get the large capacity clips back on the market. We should not let those kids lives pass without getting stiff gun regulation passed in this country. It is just too easy to get a weapon without any checks.

  • 2012-10-22T18:27:02


  • 2012-05-10T07:19:01


  • 2012-02-07T13:53:06

Very good

  • 2011-12-18T23:28:09

Great job! 2Cr 3:6-7 who also made us sufficient as ministers of the new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.But if the ministry of death, written [and] engraved on stones, was glorious, so that the children of Israel could not look steadily at the face of Moses because of the glory of his countenance, which [glory] was passing away,

  • 2011-09-22T17:21:55

WOW! how could you keep a dry eye after that! BEAUTIFUL!

  • 2011-09-12T14:32:35

I'm so blessed.

  • 2011-09-05T08:13:34

Wow. I like it.

  • 2011-09-01T01:38:42

Wow that was awesome!

  • 2011-08-21T02:30:31

I have enjoyed this. They are very talented.

  • 2011-08-09T04:29:25

I was blessed by the songs and kids.

  • 2011-07-27T19:21:15

AweSuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum !!! Really Enjoyed !!

  • 2011-07-27T18:31:07

These kids are amazing! Beautiful song and their singing is GREAT!

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