Steven Curtis Chapman - Do Everything (Official Music Video)



  • 2011-08-19T20:25:18

I am here if you need a friend.

  • 2011-08-18T23:32:31

Thanks for sharing, Randy! I'm passing it along, too.

  • 2011-08-18T15:27:04

The other reason why I may not sound like I have patience is because the Lord has been making it clear that we are running out of time. It is time to get off the milk. Mercy and grace WILL END! Judgment is coming to America. The days of taking years to get right with God are over. Not much more time now to be the Remnant. Only the Remnant will survive. Please tell those who you minister too. Even if you think you can't do anything for God, this is just the devil lying to you. Don't think small. "I can do all things through Christ who strengths me." The circumstance they are in may be their finest hour, one of the mighty weapons God may want to use for His glory!

  • 2011-08-18T15:22:50

Scott is an author of 3 books now, sharing with the world that just because you have disabilies, not to settle for a casual 'christian' life! I will quote Scott; "If I can do this, what's your problem"? Are you seeing now what I am trying to say?

  • 2011-08-18T15:20:30

We also know personally a man named Scott McPhillips. He was an amazing athelet in high school, but while he was drunk, he was in a horrible car accident that almost took his life. Since then he has been serverly brain damaged and has many physical disabilities. He now by the grace of God does not let this stop him from giving his all for Jesus. I saw him again just the other day ministering on the streets, hardly able to talk, or write or walk, to anyone who would listen about Jesus.

  • 2011-08-18T15:16:18

My firend, we have also ministered to the very broken both physically and mentally. Let me share with you this view; God doesn't make mistakes right? So in each person disability doesn't the Lord say; "In your weakness, I shall be made strong"? We were on a mission trip and saw a young man in his 20's in a wheel chair. We offered to pray for him, but he abuptly stopped us and said; "Oh no, don't pray for my healing, because I have been able to reach more people for Jesus sitting in this chair, than I ever could when I could walk."

  • 2011-08-18T14:52:52

This is one of the best songs I have heard in a LONG time! I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. "Do EVERYTHING you do for the GLORY of the ONE who made you!"

  • 2011-08-18T08:19:37

This is a quite an inspirational song!

  • 2011-08-18T02:23:20

luv the video, it's snappy and cool and also has a true message

  • 2011-08-17T21:17:43

el unicoke usted tiene que com palacer es a dios ana diemas le va a dar la vi da eternaony god

  • 2011-08-17T16:30:30

Absolutely uplifting and joyful! Praise God that he works through people like Steven Curtis Chapman.

  • 2011-08-17T05:23:02

Vicki, I tried to make it out, too, but, it doesn't look like it really says anything.

  • 2011-08-17T05:11:54

Forerunner, Not one person here has said they want to "live the Christian life casually"! So many of us here have suffered so severely, me included, for many years...the Bible even says Jesus learned obedience through what He suffered. The Christian walk is a PROCESS...evident in the scriptures about needing to progress "from drinking milk to eating meat". I am sure that none of us disagree with what you are saying about Christian principles. All I tried to do is plead with you to allow others to get there on their OWN path, not yours/the one that makes sense to you. The Lord has been using me to minister to the most severely wounded for the past 32 years. One of those people was severely battered both physically and emotionally from the time he was a very small child by his father, and it has taken 25 years for him to finally come out of it. Many of us were robbed of self-worth. We have come together here to share our struggles, to love one another, and to share how this song has made us feel like we do have worth. What this song says to us is that we don't have to do great things to make God smile, because He delights in us just for being who we are, for doing what we can in the condition we are in, and even if we can do nothing...because He Loves us simply because we are HIS. What you are doing with us is like "comparing apples and oranges". Try seeing our HEARTS...THAT is what God sees. God bless you.

  • 2011-08-17T04:38:51

I really like this song but it's not the video I would have made.

  • 2011-08-17T00:48:27

"Whoever does not sell all he has and comes follows Me, cannot be My disciple." "Deny yourself, take up your cross, and come follow Me". "I am crucified with Christ, therefore I no longer live, and the life I live I live by faith in the one who loved me and died for me."

  • 2011-08-17T00:44:33

Here are some scriptures to line it up with; "I am crucified to this world, and the world is crucified to me."

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