Steven Curtis Chapman - Do Everything (Official Music Video)



  • 2015-09-03T20:27:07

We have added this to the beginning of our homeschool studies. Its so powerful!

  • 2014-03-08T07:42:52

He is an amazing man of God to be sure. I've loved his music since he began back in the mid-late 80s, as I have yours 'Jill,' a few years earlier :) His and Mary Beth's story is one of triumph through many adversities, a great testimony. Are you still making music, Glenys?? Love to hear it....[email protected] check us out on-line: Bless you

  • 2013-09-19T14:37:11

I love this song!!

  • 2013-02-14T01:02:41

I so needed this today. Heard the song on the way home from the grocery store and came home and looked up the video. The song made me smile. The video made me giggle. And, the whole vibe of both gave me a needed change of perspective.

  • 2012-12-12T19:55:39

Steve your music has lifted me up many times. Thank you for all the sharing you do. GOD bless you and keep you.

  • 2012-05-22T16:19:14

This music video is hilarious! I was afraid to take my eyes off of it for even a second because I was afraid I would miss something! Great Job! (P.S. This is a wonderful and inspiring song!)

  • 2012-01-13T23:35:07

I too suffer with Bi-Polar. I spend a lot of days in bed. I collect disability for the condition and also for Rhuematoid Arthritis. I feel useless pretty much all the time. It has been easy to stray from Jesus and our church family because of my intense anxiety. I have a great husband though and I thank the Lord for him.

  • 2012-01-12T20:07:16

Absolutely THE BEST encouraging song! My family and I listen to this EVERYDAY and watch the video EVERY morning & evening! My 6 year old knows all the words by heart and tells everyone at school about this song and how she is a HUGE Christian :) My 9 year old has this song as her ringtone! :) Keep up your INCREDIBLE work! The Lord has blessed you with such Amazing talent! Aloha from Honolulu..Jenifer, Jason, Jade & Cian Segler (musician Family :) God Bless...

  • 2012-01-06T03:01:16

what kind of meds have helped you with anger? i know jesus has been the only thing to really help me

  • 2012-01-06T02:59:45

me too!

  • 2012-01-06T02:59:22

me too, it has changed my life, now I try to everything for his Glory and i know he smiles down and says you are my child and with you I am well pleased :)

  • 2012-01-02T10:25:17

i think lynn is right i think steve wrote that line with the intention that as a christian you have already considered the will of God first. Secondly there are some things that u are made to do as routine if u do not come to the realization that God has ordained you to do this you may find it boring. things like driving your kids to school, giving your wife a peck everyday, running errands for ur parents, friends, neighbors, etc but i also think that Christians globally need some rejuvenating

  • 2012-01-02T10:12:22

Lynn Diane Reese-Bal hello lynn i feel u; like we will say down here, i lost my mom when i was 8 and growing up was depressing for me. but Christ came and helped me up, now i am in my early 30's the lord has used my Experience to console others. some ministries neglects the need for love and brotherliness thus they make it hard to comfort people also the message in the church of today actually adds to the believers burden rather than lift it. when we begin 2 preach the message that focus on Christ and His return then we will make our churches a better place for ailing people

  • 2012-01-02T00:01:06


  • 2011-12-31T21:40:08

((((((((Virtual Hug))))))))) May God continue to show you the value HE sees in you! God bless you and comfort you, sister.

  • 2011-11-15T14:47:08

I have learned the same lesson. Except that my parents are proud of me. But at work or in my friendships, it is God that I need to please. My friends and work people are also members of my church. We all pick each other up and lift them to God when we are down we go to each other. Remember Lynn that you are important and I thank you for your story. May God continue to bless you and I will be praying for healing. God bless

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