This Is Church



  • 2013-03-31T17:41:58

Ashe! We are all the Church, no matter who we are, where we are, etc. The Church is within...

  • 2012-03-15T03:38:01

Amen! Yes! I am THE CHURCH and will be THE CHURCH! :)

  • 2012-01-16T03:52:33

So I'm going on a retreat in a couple of weeks and I have to speak about A young Person in the Church. This helped so much!

  • 2012-01-04T04:38:32

u r rite when I first started I didn't not took me awhile to understand this.

  • 2011-12-14T19:58:46

The the BODY OF CHRIST (Rightly Divided).

  • 2011-12-13T07:03:07

Jesus loves you

  • 2011-12-13T00:57:15

I really like this is not all about building but the people who have faith in GOD!

  • 2011-11-28T15:30:10

The one church, His Church and we fellowship with Jesus every day. God Bless, Harry Toye

  • 2011-11-22T02:54:09

Thank you for sharing. This is powerfully true. Be blessed!!

  • 2011-11-14T03:00:06

Godtube에서 찾은 동영상인데 감동적이었습니다. Godtube에서 Comment를 했는데... Facebook에 뜰줄을 몰랐네요..허허.. 영어실력 들통나 버렸네요...

  • 2011-11-09T16:48:36


  • 2011-11-07T09:27:50

Well said.. Let us be the church and let us go to fulfill the Lord's will.

  • 2011-11-04T02:52:54

I totally agree.

  • 2011-11-01T15:24:36

We are not the Church, the Church is a denomination. Christ said "I will built my Church" meaning that Church is an actual building. You're swimming in the ocean of confusion when you think that everybody is the Church. We are all rotten stinking sinners who need the true Church of Christ which is a Sacramental Church.

  • 2011-11-01T10:08:52

뭔만인지는 모르지만 좋은 말이겠져.

  • 2011-11-01T04:12:28

Yes, the LORD God really wants all churches in Him to live in His way and to fulfill His wills and commands. We are the church the LORD Jesus paid for our new lives. That's why all churches members are to be His disciples.

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