Is it possible for someone to lose their salvation in Jesus Christ?-Brian Hedges



  • 2012-01-07T05:10:22

Hebrews 10:23 KJV. "Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised..." Revelation 3:3 KJV. "Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard , and hold fast , and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch , I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee." Revelation 3:11 KJV. "Behold , I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast , that no man take thy crown." Brethren, there are no two ways about it. It is either you are holding fast by living in line with godly injunctions, or you have let go the truth and fallen off tract. From what the Lord has clearly stated, only those who repent of their wrong ways and hold fast to what He has given will be saved. Look away from your imagination and take His word as is written.

  • 2012-01-02T11:03:56

No wonder America is going down the tubes, with thinking like most of this. Salvation is a gift. A true gift has no strings attached. If one states, I'll give you $5, but you have to wash my car. Is this a real gift? No, the individual would be earning it. God doesn't give the gift of Salvation and then say, now you have to live the right way, or witness, etc. If a person truly is saved, and lives the way they want, God will turn them over to satan, their body will be destroyed, but their soul and spirit will still be saved. The KJV, of the Bible, is the Word of God, but not the inspired Word of God. There are mistakes in the translations, from the original. This is why there are so many different religions. People can make it say what they want.

  • 2011-12-12T15:38:14

Glad you found this. I posted a brief response to Brian at the site

  • 2011-12-08T14:17:05

I just posted 4 videos on my youtube channel dreiher2 which CLEARLY presents from verses in the Gospel of John (i.e. John 20:31) how a person gets everlasting life by believing (i.e. being convinced) that Jesus is the Christ, that is, that He is the resurrection and the life. You either believe in Jesus and are 100% sure of it, or you do not. There is not some kind of sliding scale, or timer that runs for faith. If you have 1% doubt in Jesus' words, you DO NOT believe Him. One moment (not 5 minutes, just one split second) of being persuaded that Jesus is the Christ gives a person eternal life that can never be lost, no matter how you live afterward. That is the view of the Gospel of John, and it is definitely NOT the majority view. Is that surprising, that at a time when Biblical ignorance is at an all time high, that people hold to a non-biblical view of salvation that really cannot save? The question is, do you believe the simple and plain verses like John 3:16 as meaning what it says, or do you say, "I know it says a person is saved by simply believing in Jesus for eternal life for one moment, but it doesn't mean that." If it does not mean that, why does it say that? Was John lying about what Jesus taught? Was he stupid? I think John was telling us exactly what Jesus taught.

  • 2011-12-06T21:38:22

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the free grace position got a bad rap here. What did surprise me was that the speaker's only representation of the view misrepresented it, and twice at that. It's a straw man to say, as the speaker did, that our "3rd positon" holds that a person who "just says" he believes, or "makes a profession" of faith in Christ, then turns away, is still saved forever. As someone who has published several times in a free grace theological journal, I can say with full confidence that no one I know speaking or writing from this perspective would claim that someone who "just says" he believes, or "makes a profession," has a salvation that can never be lost. The speaker has not done his homework. On the contrary, our view is that of John 3:15, 3:16, 3:36, 6:47 (NKJV), 11:25-27, Acts 16:31, 1 Tim 1:15-16, and many other passages. None of these passages mention "saying" or "professing" anything; all of them insist the only condition of eternal life is belief. We will gladly say with these Biblical writers that salvation is by faith, without precondition or later proof of any kind, perseverance or otherwise. No one (and I repeat, no one) I know teaches that salvation results from anything anyone says. The power of God's promise in Jesus Christ is such that simply believing its promise of life results in a new birth constituting the believer a child of God forever. Eternal life is just that; everlasting life given by God to whoever believes. Can anything be more wonderful than that? Rev. Dr. Lon Gregg B.A. Dartmouth College, cum laude. Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary.

  • 2011-12-04T16:15:39

I like it when you ponder it sparks discussion.

  • 2011-12-04T14:46:56

Thank you, your the first person to have ever said so in all the years of posting it. I like the word 'disregard' and, am pondering...

  • 2011-12-04T05:49:02

I like how you explained that - it's not about 'losing' it. It's not a hat we leave on the school bus and 'lose.' It's something people disregard.

  • 2011-12-03T04:48:54

yes I am well aware of the differences in theology among the churches, I base my theological thinking on Jesus' words, He is the Word of God, it all starts and ends with Jesus, thanks ben

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  • 2011-12-02T16:46:46

@ Grace Kim Kwon: Hebrews 11:6 'But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that dilligently seek him.' Romans 10:17 'so then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God'. {Faith also requires obedience/action, those that believe AND are baptized shall be saved, Mark 16:16, and faith without works is dead, James 2:17-'Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.'

  • 2011-12-02T16:23:12

@Kellee Sharlie Raheem : The word "faith" appears in many places in the Bible. The saying "Genuine, saving faith proves itself in deeds" is a summing-up from the whole Bible especially in consideration of the Book of James.

  • 2011-12-02T07:24:44

All of your theories are based on your interpretation of some passages that many other see theologically differently. Example... Many Christian theologians dont believe that Christians will ever have the opportunity to take the mark of the Beast, because they believe that he will be revealed after a "rapture" that will remove all Christians from the earth. Another example, is your interpretation of what "blasphemy of the Holy Spirit" is. And your comment about drinkers? Paul has a different take in Romans when he talks about the war being waged between our flesh and our spirit. The spirit is saved and will go on to be with God, but the flesh will die one day. The same flesh that might struggle with alcohol. There are so many arguments about what is right and wrong. I do not however believe that a person who is truely saved can ever lose their salvation.

  • 2011-12-01T20:10:33

@ Grace Kim Kwon - My definition of faith is defined by the word of God........Faith is...Hebrews: 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

  • 2011-12-01T19:31:06

Peter B Dube False statement brother. sometimes christians decide that since the Lord has not returned and the building of the temple is key to his return, many in pride sin it up thinking that they can, "clean themselves up, when they see the temple beeing built. I have heard backslidden christian admit this to me: Just like the fool in Jesus parable in Matthew 24: 42-51....pride comes before a fall and haughtiness before destruction brother. Do not fool yourself through your own pride dear brothers and sisters. If you stay in Christ Jesus you will remain. If you decide to go out and play because " the Lord's coming aint quite yet, you will fall into perdition.

  • 2011-12-01T19:25:36

Peter B Dube actually Jesus warned the apostles in a parable while he was with them that the disciple who starts thinking, my Lord delays his return, and goes out and eats and drinks alcohol with the drunks, and becomes a drunk, will lose his salvation. The apostles already knew that aperson can lose their salvation. In the book of Hebrews the writer says,"he that falls backward, I have no delight in him" Apostle Paul also said, " a drunk(or abuser of alcohol) will not enter into the kingdom of God" you are on the right path, just thought I'd clarify it for you.

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