Breathtaking Painting Performance - David Garibaldi



  • 2011-10-29T23:07:41

Debbie Walker Frakes And what is the religion you believe in is the wrong one?? What if the Mormons have it right? Or Muslims, or even Hindu? Then you will be running around with me that's what.

  • 2011-10-29T23:04:20

Debbie Walker Frakes uumm you don't know what's coming, you really don't. You have an opinion on what you think is coming, but you really cant say you know. I have heard so many times that this is coming and that is gets to that day....and nothing, just another day.

  • 2011-10-29T21:39:52

And then there's YOUR Verse "God offers an answer to those who can hear it. The others will live their lives saying things like you just said and living in misery. Our choice, never His choice. Thanks for listening to me and what I know to be true to the deepest part of my heart." Which displays the fundamental difference between your philosophy and that of Jesus. He spent his life speaking out against religious absolutism, ending his life in misery to allow others to be free and feel loved, while you speak with religious absolutism in order to condemn those that don't agree with your religious views to "living in misery"

  • 2011-10-29T20:38:34

GOD THREATENS CHILD MURDER & RAPE! "Their children shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes! There houses spoiled, and their wives raped...Dash the young men to pieces...have no pity on the fruit of the womb, the children shall not be spared" -- Isa 13:16-18 direct quote from the Christian’s god . Oh, but it's because we deserve it because?

  • 2011-10-29T20:34:49

Well ahhhh what when I oops

  • 2011-10-29T20:34:29

You may think, or like to imagine as I once did, that the war deity (yhwh) “loves” everyone, the bible disagrees. The idea of YHWH being an “all loving” god is really rather new. We can infer “hate” from many verses in the bible concerning YHWH (god), but the bible comes right out and says the word -Hate. “As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.” --Romans 9:13 [The Greek translation of hatred in this verse is: miseo, mis-eh’-o; from prim. misos (hatred); to detest (espec. to persecute); by extens. to love less: -hate (-ful).] * Translations from Strong's Hebrew and Greek lexicon and concordance.

  • 2011-10-29T20:23:41

Adam Fowler ...I believe in God and I don't have a problem with your opinion, he is for everyone, but I can't hold your hand and walk you to have to do that yourself...But hey, maybe I wll meet you there. Sooner or later we all see the real truth, some sooner than others...But we will ALL stand before him one day...I really do not understand the worlds opinion of let's wait and see...sit still and see what happens...Well do what you choose, because I don't want to wait and see, I know whats coming and I want to be in the glory, not running around saying" wait, what, what's happening, not yet, huh maybe I was wrong" I know what I know and that's all I know!...Meet ya there peeps.

  • 2011-10-29T03:51:32

Adam Fowler - I am not trying to convert you Adam, that is Gods' job, and your' choice. I simply leave the offer on the table, I have 1 book that I promised if you'd like to 'check it out', and I will keep that book for when the time comes that you say 'what the heck'. I was EXTREMELY doubtful b4 I became a Believer, and there are times I must ask God to help me with my 'Unbelief'. I do get what you are saying. I was (I'm guessing) , in a similar place at a time in life not all that long ago? I leave the judging to others, and I truly, did not mean to assume your' 'state', is anything less than mine. We are both human, the main difference (not knowing you personally) is that I Believe, and you do not? Seriously, no harm meant by my comment, it is simply not even my nature in most cases to 'go here',I let my life do the talking for me, and I again amnot saying that from anywhere but a position of humility. For some reason, I believe you are sincere, and I find myself praying for you often? Sorry if the context offended you. You have a good night as well!

  • 2011-10-29T00:03:33

wowww! That is great. A lot a people different talent.awesome God! We didn't know what he have a plan to me. But I knew that he alway same never let me down. I just did know until he show me what exactly he want like this painting performance. I love Jesus so much! He love me more than I do.

  • 2011-10-28T22:08:10

Jim Loeffert And what sort of state am I in??? That is my whole point Jim, you don't know if I am wrong and I don't know if you are right and vise versa (even though vise versa wasn't needed I wanted to point out that I can be right instead of being wrong lol). The very first comment I made here I used the word "doubt" At least I left it open. I would like in see impartial evidence, and we both know that is never going to happen. I think sometimes people need to agree to disagree, imagine the wars that would have been avoided in this approach was taking. I know you guys are told to convert as many people as you can, but that's like me trying to convert my motorbike into a Harley. It's not a Harley. It may look the same as a Harley, run as good as a Harley, handle as good as a Harley, drink the same fuel/gas as a Harley, but it just isn't a Harley. Enjoy your day/night.

  • 2011-10-28T13:30:37

Adam Fowler - I do not think in the 'state' you are in you are 'wrong', just not COMPLETELY informed. Once you see the evidence, you would then understand. However, we are instructed to reach out to people in LOVE, not a spirit of combative or 'I'm above you' thinking? Everyone has within them a soul, and that soul is searching, constantly. Why not, instead of searching for simply 'something to believe in', or 'contentment with free wil', look for Truth? What is the worst thing that could happen? You find it. I appreciate your patience with some folks who mean well, but do not know how to voice that love.

  • 2011-10-28T12:34:16

Helen Ornilla Mosura UUmmm look at what everyone is saying to me Helen. Every comment is telling me how wrong i am. Dont try to use MY own words against me. Enjoy your day.

  • 2011-10-28T12:32:27

Chastity Castro Find his bones??? Your kidding....seriously.

  • 2011-10-28T12:18:11

Adam Fowler - 'Most' will Adam, but there is a remnant in our society, who put their trust & faith in/On something they can't see, touch, taste, smell, etc. It is foolishness to what 'Believers' call The world. Yet my life ,(I have nothing to gain by deceiving you, has been so enriched, and I am at true peace, since surrendering to Christ,and it was aBATTLE to say the least). Praying for ya.

  • 2011-10-27T23:27:11

AMAZING! Brought tears to my eyes :-) I love you, Lord!

  • 2011-10-27T22:55:44

I hear this painter's name is David Garibaldi. Look for other videos of his on youtube, too.

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