Do we really need to confess our sins daily?



  • 2011-12-04T14:57:45

"Confession has to do with my fellowship not my eternal security" by Charles Stanley

  • 2011-12-04T14:51:37

Glad to know about confession.

  • 2011-10-12T02:48:47

Dear Robin~I will pray for you & the one who is denying Jesus. Lord, I ask by the precious Blood that You shed for all of us, that You remove the blinds from the eyes of this beloved child of Yours, that he comes to know You & the love You have for us, because we are all Your children, & You don't want to see any of us lost forever. Thank You Jesus, for Your mercy & grace, & mostly for Your love. AMEN

  • 2011-10-12T02:43:18

I feel that I need to ask forgiveness so that He will hear my prayers.

  • 2011-10-08T17:18:48

Hello there, I like your video's. But do we need to name all of our sins? 1. Some people say that you don't need to name the "little sins" but do need to name the rest. Well it raises the question: what is a small sin? 2. I hear a lot more that you don't need to name the sins we commit one by one but of course ask forgiveness for all of them. So to them "Lord please forgive me of my sins" is enough. 3. Smallest group say that we need to name every little sin we comment. So something like this "Lord I have judged badly of someone, please forgive me" "Lord I have judged someone, please forgive me" "I also didn't tell a person I had on my heart about the gospel, oh Lord could you please forgive me?" Personally I think it doesn't hurt to go through every sin, one by one. As it can really make you stronger not to commit that sin again. However I understand some people can get depressed by all the sins they commit, so I really don't know. But it's always good to take time and think about what Jesus did to clean us from our trespasses. May God bless you!

  • 2011-10-05T18:40:16

I listen to your sermons all the time Dr. Stanley and I would like to thank you personally for uploading them. They help me in my daily walk with Christ. I sure could use prayer to have a stronger, more dedicated walk with Him. It's hard living with someone who doesn't do the same. Please pray for me <: Many Blessing Charles...

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