Best of Funny Baptisms



  • 2011-10-08T00:18:25

With all due respect, LIGHTEN UP! What is the big deal? If these children weren't ready for baptism, chances are that the ministers at their respective churches would not have gone forth with it. You speak of baptism as a religious ritual when it is a decision and demonstration of faith and love. God has a GREAT sense of humor and chances are He probably let out a few hearty laughs watching this! No one's laughing at baptism, we're laughing at the innocence of a child. Take it easy...

  • 2011-10-08T00:08:36

So who is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? JESUS that's who! Baptism must be in the name above all names, JESUS!

  • 2011-10-08T00:07:20

What's so bad? I mean of course, Baptism is an important and serious aspect of a Christian's life but you can't always have a straight face on occasions like this, especially when it involves the innocence of a child. God loves a good laugh and I think you should too!

  • 2011-10-07T18:24:05

God has humor!

  • 2011-10-07T15:22:23

Perspectives of people differ...I said what I felt... And I hold on to what I think and still believe that there's a God's way of doing things rather than the logical/the contemporary way...No more comment on this from me... After all, judging my fellow Christians' actions is not something which is within my hands or something which God expects me to do...God bless you all...

  • 2011-10-07T14:28:49

Bad??? These children are beautiful! If only every Christian had that "can't wait!" attitude. I don't think anyone was making fun of baptism, but sharing the joy of these kids, who did not have to be dragged there kicking and screaming, but RAN (or dived!) into the New Life with such abandon. What a refreshing reminder of the sheer pleasure of being God's child!

  • 2011-10-07T11:43:30

Can't help but bring a smile to your face. Children oft-times are more joyful and excited than adults knowing that Jesus has saved them from their sins and they are going to heaven one day.

  • 2011-10-07T10:13:49

Soumya Elizabeth Thomas how do you know if these children don't know the meaning of baptism. i believe we should give them more credit than that. they probably know what they are doing and are overcome with joy!!!

  • 2011-10-07T10:06:46


  • 2011-10-07T10:03:46

Jordan Wigginton amen to that !!!

  • 2011-10-07T03:34:56

Another version: "Truth without Love is murder; Love without Truth is a lie." We are to certainly judge the spirit ... these children's faces/countenances look true and innocent to me.

  • 2011-10-07T01:59:15

Loved the girl who couldn't wait.

  • 2011-10-07T01:00:53

I watched this more than once. What joy!

  • 2011-10-07T01:00:09

Speak for yourself James!

  • 2011-10-07T00:50:12

Too bad adults are not like this!

  • 2011-10-06T23:48:53

the others are fine but I am sorry - NO person, child or adult should do a cannon ball into the baptismal.. you can plainly see he was trying to act like a "clown" and I'm sorry, that was wrong. Can anyone honestly tell me you could picture Jesus doing the same thing, absolutely NOT.

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