10 Reasons Why Michael Jackson's Life and Death Matter



  • 2011-09-12T17:24:22

you a fool, research michael before you attack him, he loved money? he was 400 million in debt and gave 600 million to charity, hmm. he never called himself the king of pop, that was a nickname given to him by Elizabeth Taylor. michael has done more for this world in the name of GOD, more than you will ever will, because you preach hate. you see the fabricated negative instead of the positive the truth the light. michael was a great human being. everything you said is not an opinion but a lie. you try to use michael as an example of failure, but you fail for he was not a man of failure but triumph. remembered for eternity.

  • 2011-06-19T16:32:21

This is a rediculous video. Who is this person to be judging Michael Jackson, did he live with Michael to personally know what Michael thought and believed? Jesus also had demons that were after him! Judge not less yee be Judged! The fool, must not know Michael Jackson was a huge humanitarian. He gave the 1.5 million he received from the lawsuit against Pepsi for the burns on his scalp during the making of a commercial, to the burn Hospital. "Jackson had been known to hand over the proceeds from concerts to local charities and hospitals as he did with the History tour in Bombay, or donate personal items for auction to organisations like UNESCO. It’s been estimated he may have given up to $500 million to charity in his lifetime." Guiness Book of World Records. His gift was the beautiful Music he sang and wrote which had many powerful and inpspiring messages, such as Heal the World, the Earth Song, Man in The Mirror, Keep the Faith, Speechless, Will you be there! Bless MJ, the demons he had to deal with were the misreporting tabloid Media, and judgmental ignorant people like this guy, and people that thought they could make a quick buck with a lie! Michael Jackson was found innocent of the charges, and the FBI file released after he died showed they searched for 10 years looking for proof of the DA's allegation and could NOT find ANY! It is the people like this that continue to speard false accustions against Michael Jackson that they have NO evidence to substantiate! This video could be slanderous and should be removed.

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