Bishop Kallistos Ware - Orthodoxy and Evolution



  • 2012-08-06T08:01:56

the teaching, that God created the world in six days - already means that evolution is concomitant to the creation. if not, why did the creation took six days? why God didn't create the world in an instant? six days doesn't necessarily mean 6 24-hour period. we know what there were no sun nor stars when moses says that first day is over; these lights are created lately - so it means that there were no measure like 24-hour period. Meany holly fathers assume that these days are undefined periods; as we say - nowadays, today.... but it doesn't mean that we are talking about the same day - we talk about 21st century for example. or we say yesterday and we mean - 50th, 60th of the past century - So do we see the same facts throughout the bible that( we, Christians know very well) bible mustn't be interpreted word for word, because the outcome is the ideology of Jehovah's Witnesses. he, who has mind, let him understand.

  • 2012-05-20T12:08:37

Here's an example of a lost man who is smarter than the Holy Spirit because the scriptures teach that God created the world in six days without evolution.

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