JOHN CROWDER New False Teacher/Prophet



  • 2012-04-23T20:22:59

how do you sit ina a chair and look at a guy who is saying "yiong yiong yiong" and keep a straight face? wtf. I'd punch him straight in the skull with all of the love of Jesus inside of me. lol

  • 2012-04-23T20:21:33

what a fucking moron lmao.

  • 2011-07-01T22:10:20

this is a joke......this certainly explains allot of behaviours and philosophy's that I've been witnessing in churches recently, in fact....listening to this cods wallop...just confirms everything I was questioning... peole are actually copying this mans behaviour and walking around saying things like 'shing ding ding' I mean what ever happened to praise the lord? we were made to praise God..... We offer ourselves to God as a living sacrifice. Our Praise builds an altar to God. God has made each and every one of us to bring glory to Him. He created us for one purpose and one purpose alone, to glorify and to bring pleasure to Him, at all times. We are His work and we ought to Praise and Worship Him alone. The devil got your number, he is on your case, face the devil let him hear the praises of God coming from your lips and he will flee.

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