tobyMac - Lose My Soul (Official Music Video)



  • 2014-08-22T02:58:05

This is a cool video

  • 2014-07-28T01:59:23

come on you'll, please listen to this one, it will bless you,

  • 2014-07-28T01:54:00

This is one of my favorite songs, love it,

  • 2014-07-11T20:27:12

Can't say I don't like rap anymore...because I love Toby Macs music!

  • 2014-05-02T19:47:49

Love this... and I don't like Rap...?! This guy is gifted...

  • 2014-03-28T18:08:44

They sing a song on world things, yet two of they have jewelry on.

  • 2014-03-22T01:05:51

Love this song.

  • 2014-02-11T19:11:20

I love this song! What a message! My favorite Toby Mac song. Everytime I hear a new song that I really like, I find out that it's by Toby Mac. By the way, I'm a (61 year old wife, mom, grandma & friend) devoted CHRIST follower!

  • 2014-01-07T09:40:19

Darlene I lost my parents also use to go to tanning bed after work ,You sound like what I went threw All I can say is My parents were not ever suppose to die in my mind. My prayers and thoughts are with you,Believe me don't waste time like I DID reach out to God He will help you threw this dark time ,My Heart goes out to you ,My riches are in Heaven ,Please if you want to chat or talk on the phone ,Im here Brynda Hart on Facebok. .im 56 retired women living with my fiance' I love God maybe God brought you to me ,I feel your pain sadness and love in your Heart ,Hope Ive helped you Darlene my daddy died at 67 IT ALMOST KILLED ME ,he was my everything, You have a friend in me if you want or need to talk,Ill be praying 4 you God Bless you

  • 2014-01-06T05:37:10


  • 2013-11-20T07:39:15

Beautiful! Check this music video in Hebrew!

  • 2013-10-12T09:09:46

i thank god today well this night for true godly men that bring worship to a greater light where sisters like me can still believe god for a true godly husband such and like these praise god for the core of this worship and song

  • 2013-06-19T03:07:16

I'm also 58 and I think we are of an age and time to have experienced some of the best music of all time... from the music of our parents.... to the music of our kids... and this, in my humble opinion... is the BEST SONG OF ALL TIME!

  • 2013-05-30T21:55:44

My daddy just died this month at age 70 (just before his birthday and two days after mine, on Mother's Day)after 7 years of dealing with being paralyzed from a stroke. My mother took care of him as did we (the children) and it took its toll. Mom fell ill a week before our dad, learned her AVM has bled and has to have brain surgery that can end her life. We already lost our father and now stand a chance of losing Mom as well. Trying to ragain some sense of normalcy, I went to a tanning bed after work just to get some peace and quiet (I tend to three small children at nite after working days) and this song was on. As I lay there, tears streaming down my face, I realized the truth in the words. I work to pay bills. I help people all I can. I'm never going to be rich. Never wanted to be. I'm rich in faith, love and humanity. That's an endless abundance.

  • 2013-05-11T01:28:44

This one of my favorite songs from tobymac.

  • 2013-03-23T00:54:35

what is your soul worth?

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