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  • 2013-04-22T22:58:06

My heart goes out to you, as my youngest son was called home at 26. Instead of asking God why, I asked Him what. What greater good could come from taking my son at such an early age. Now as the years pass, my son (and his first born son that was taken 2 years prior at 3 1/2 monts) is such as active part of my testimony to others. I share of his love for the Lord and the family - and I tell those that may be delaying surrendering their life to Christ that there is no promise for tomorrow - we are all one heartbeat away from standing face-to-face with Jesus. Since that sad time in my life, I thank God for giving me such a loving son and so many good memories to cherish until we are reunited. The most important thing to reflect on are all of the lives that your daughter touched and changed through her devotion to the Lord and her service in the mission field. When I delivered my father's eulogy, I talked about his time in the military when I was growing up - and with his passing I simply look at it as God giving him a new duty station - he has gone on before us and awaits our arrival. In your daughter's case, God has simply moved her to a new mission field where she awaits your arrival. Stand fast in your service and commitment to God - know the mission field / duty station where our loved ones are is free of the worry, pain, and sickness that surrounds us here below. And when things seem unbearable - call out to the Lord to send the Holy Spirit to comfort you as He pormised - that is all that got me through the tough times. Strength and comfort from the Holy Spirit and His promise that we will be reunited for all eternity.

  • 2011-08-02T01:15:10

Hi Mary, I'm Kathy. I just read your comment and I can say I know what your saying, I lost both my Daddy& Mommy 51 years ago.I was only 2 years old.One thing I've grasped is that we won't under stand every thing on this earth, but the lord said He would give us all that we need to make it through all things. And I've done a lot of thinking and praying, I now know that (1) we will not go home till it's our time. (2)If they stayed I would not have my children or the love of my life right now. Because my life would have taken a differnet turn all together. And (3) the live's we touch along the way would not have been touch. I know it's really hard for us who stay behind so I will pray you will feel His present's with you every min of your day's. And please remember we will be together with them again soon. And I will rejoice with you and you with me. in Christ Kathy Schumacher

  • 2011-07-28T13:57:46

My heart melts. Thanks for haring.

  • 2011-07-28T13:51:20

nice soon

  • 2011-07-28T12:13:06

I don't know, but I know that God owes us no explanations. Even as I write that, my heart aches for you because of the pain you feel. But I know this. God is not unsympathetic to your grief. He carried it with Him to the cross. In His great love and mercy he shared your grief and pain. And He has not left you alone. He is with you now and will carry you through this difficult time. Remember that He is God and He can be trusted. He is faithful to deliver you. He works in you even now to perfect you. This world is sometimes a hard place to be. Your daughter is now experiencing His perfect blessing and peace. Let God be your refuge and strength today. You're in my prayers.

  • 2011-07-28T08:28:21

LORD ALMIGHTY here I am send me.....

  • 2011-07-27T16:28:52

I struggle to understand WHY God would take my precious missionary daughter away from the field at the age of 53 with ovarian cancer?

  • 2011-07-27T14:48:38


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