Placebo, a wake up call to the Church by Howard Pittman



  • 2014-01-28T23:12:27

An important spiritual work also related to the founding of the International House of Prayer, Kansas City, ihopkc.org See its related history in prophetic witness in the first of the 8-part series on IHOP's history at http://mikebickle.org/resources/series/38 Also see ihopkc.org Dear Mike is my beloved former pastor the enemy's been busy trying to destroy for decades with tiresome false witness from those I have loved like the late Ernie Gruen whose accusations were tragically simultaneous with his adultery, and even the international teacher/preacher John MacArthur and his sad bearing of false witness about us by second-hand accounts in his "Charismatic Chaos," something I know as having been an eye witness to the meeting falsely described. How ironic those who pretend to be righteous and godly in condemning charismatics for alleged "false doctrine" rarely do so other than with second-hand information, very like Herod did with the magi in Matt 2, and having the same murderous antiChrist spirit that is not of God. Thank God for courageous men of God like MIke (& how God used Howard Pittman to affirm him!), men of God-fearing integrity. May God grant their accusers repentance to survive the Judgment as those heaven-bound. Russ Davis, Soli Deo Gloria.

  • 2013-11-23T21:44:36

Let the spirit bear witness. Worth the watch.

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