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A horrifying story of a Roman Catholic Nun, Sister Charletta



  • 2016-02-22T03:35:56

Rocco Paladino I 100% guarantee that I have researched it more than you. What she says is not accurate. This previous comment is four years old. I have learned far more since then. She's not telling the truth. Not even a little bit. This is explained, in part, by the obvious untruths she gave that I mentioned above. A general dismissal that I must research the subject more is classic projection. You think you're right, but instead of researching the subject as much as you, in the back of your mind, know you should, you dismiss the other person whose facts would undo what you already believe, even though they obviously have more information to be operating with. Tell me, if you think I am wrong, can you explain how and why? There is a strict rule for cloistered nuns that they stay in the convent and pray. They do NOT leave and practice nursing (not that Charlotta's timeline allows her to have had the time to even get the education to become a nurse in the first place). Such a thing would be strictly forbidden. Unless you think you know something I don't. You have some document that says an exception was made for her? No? Didn't think so. You have some explanation for why she couldn't get basic Catholic terminology right, despite claiming to be a nun for years, even though millions of ex-Catholics still can 30 years later? Can you explain why there's no record of any other nun wanting to leave the convent and being denied the ability to do so (though many records of successfully leaving), save Maria Monk, who turned out to be a mental health patient, not a nun, (a discover not made until after a protestant mob burned down a priest home with several priests still inside) with a "story" eerily similar to Charlotta's? So similar that many suspect that Charlotta just copied the story? But I'm willing to be wrong. I'm willing to be corrected. So please, tell me, what information do you have that you think I'm missing? What pertinent facts do you think I am lacking?

  • 2013-11-12T18:15:45

I just viewed this video on " YouTube " about Catholic church secret abuse in convent, Nun Sister Charlotte. (Dark Secrets of the Catholic Church; Ex - Nun Confesses). This really sadden me and made me angry. This makes the Vatican look like an organizing syndicate. Imagine that, the Catholic faith ushered in by decree Christendom? Most people thought European Christian religion had left the dark age, but I guess not? This mid-evil practice never ushered in the Renaissance era. How could the faith of the " Holy Bible " lead to this?

  • 2013-08-22T03:17:31

I was in a convent. I also have been closely connected with Evangelical Christianity. I don't recognise anything in this frightful story.Giving my life to God was an act of faith which was blessed by God with inner joy and peace beyond my wildest dreams. I didn't experience clerical abuse although I know it goes on - but I am still in touch with Sacred Heart nuns I was with and they find clerical abuse as unbelievable as I do.The priests giving retreats were biblical and deeply spiritual. The local priest was a dear man. This lady seems to have been given little spiritual grasp of things and there was a big focus on rather bizzare and extreme "penances"- if this exists it's appalling. But there are many nuns hopefully in more normal convents with greater grasp of the full Christian life - who's prayers and self giving really do draw down God's grace on others. Where is Christian love and charity in all this horrible account?

  • 2012-09-02T08:32:40

Terribly shocking testimony, which may or may not be fake. The torture sounds plausible to me, and well within the ability of any satanism-infested institution. But, as more knowledgable people have pointed out, there are huge inconsistencies in her story. Could even be Jesuit double-agent type stuff, to discredit genuine whistleblowers.That would account for the "martyrdom". Anyway, I know that I am gullible, so I'll have to lean away from swallowing this stuff. Glory to our Saviour, who will make all things clear when & where appropriate.

  • 2012-07-28T22:17:17

This lady is not speaking the truth. She seems earnest, so I might suspect a stroke, as they have been known to alter memories and implant false ones, but part of me also says that she is a faker due to her avoidance of providing the exact convent she was once in and of her real name. Nuns and sisters have to be named after a saint. It's been that way for many centuries. And Charletta is not the name of any Catholic saint, so it could not have possibly been her name. And that's just the tip of the iceberg with what's wrong with her story. She also claims to have been allowed to work as a nurse in a nearby hospital, but the order she claimed to be a member of is cloistered - they never leave the convent. Her story simply doesn't add up.

  • 2011-10-01T14:20:07

it really blew me away. i had heard about her in the past, but had never actually heard her full story until last night. here read this entire article from beginning to end. it is so powerful.

  • 2011-10-01T04:59:05

thank you so much for posting this. such a sad and powerful study!