The Third Jihad Trailer



  • 2011-10-10T15:58:06

May God richly bless u 4 your good works you are doing.May He strengthen and empower you that your faith shall not faint.

  • 2011-09-13T19:49:55

amen to that

  • 2011-09-11T17:44:25

Don King We are living in perilous times, and who knows, this could be the beginning of the 'beginning of sorrows'" ? I agree that we need to do 'whatever needs doing' in order to get our country back to where it was decades ago, in terms of 'fear', and so forth. Killing people on a Tuesday afternoon, just because they could, and their belief system warrants it, should be met with much, much more severe & authoritative measures than the wishy washy ways we have. All out of 'respect' for politically delicate, and honorable treatment for a religion that is FALSE! I support our Men & Women in uniform, I only wish they were given a green light to REALLY do what needs done!

  • 2011-09-11T17:03:00

Jim Loeffert I am no kind of a teacher by any means. I only meant in our times here and now in the USA.

  • 2011-09-11T16:51:05

Don King End times teachings do not line up with your' comment? Certainly after all is said and done, God wins, and so do we (believers), but Christianity as we know it, will be 'out-lawed' during the Tribulation. I believe Born again believers will be 'taken up' , b4 the Anti-Christ has his 7 yr. 'hoax', but people left behind, will take the mark, or be killed.

  • 2011-09-11T16:44:11

Don King I have studied the Koran, at Bible College, though not it's origins or nearly in as much depth as I might have liked? I have spoken to a couple, who oddly enough, are really the exception. She is a Muslim, and he is a Catholic, who recently converted to Christ. If she is to be believed, (and I've seen the passage you mention about infidels, or 1 at least), the world of Islam, is not adhering to "a death sentence to anyone who trusts Christ as Saviour"? The radicals CERTAINLY want an all muslim world, and many 'closet' muslims.... who are not violent, but do pray in earnest for a world where you worship allah or else.... are out there , and there are plenty. Yet, Christs' Will is for all men to be saved. I feel it will be difficult to distinguish 'when' we have used enough force, to truly neutralize what is a really credible threat, but God can do anything. There are millions of former muslims, who will walk the streets Of Gold In Heaven, and this is a very complex, exasperating problem? I agree, any who believe Death to all infidels, must be Killed, it is the only way to stop 'them'. However, If a muslim, a hindu, a bhuddist, happen to move in next door, and practices their faith peacefully, I will simply try to be a light in a dark place, and let God win the hearts. In theory, Killing all the muslims would certainly stop the war.

  • 2011-09-11T14:38:25

It's another way for the devils defeat God's people. He will be cut down again.

  • 2011-09-11T14:35:28

Cecil; You got it right.

  • 2011-09-11T14:34:32

Gearld; Don't let the devil deceive you. Christianity will always overcome it's enemies . If you have faith and use it to the fullest in prayer, you ( us ) and Christianity well triumph. God will conquer all false gods.

  • 2011-09-11T14:08:35

Jim, I agree except I don't think we were drawn into this. The koran demands muslims to take over the world. Kill all who won't convert or resist. And the drastic " measures " is the extermination of ALL muslims. If you are a muslim and believe the koran you must be killed. Just like our Holy Bible, ya don't pick and choice parts. You either believe all of it or non of it. THEY ALL MUST DIE. it's the only way to stop them.

  • 2011-09-10T04:29:22

Father, forgive them(terorist), for they dont know what they are doing...

  • 2011-09-09T18:56:45

We've come to this place in time of fulfilled prophecies and the fulfilling of the prophecies of the bible. This is the beginning of the end of life as we know it. Christianity will be considered as extremism and Christians will be what society considers as outlaws and will be dealt with as such. I know many will say never in the United States but you need to wake up and be prepared. Are you willing to die for Christ? Even as he died for you?

  • 2011-09-09T17:24:12

We need to REMEMBER the HEROS of 9/11...GOD BLESS THE USA!

  • 2011-09-09T16:22:09

'War' was declared on Sept. 11, 2001, by COWARDS! Unlike the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, (Which ultimately led to 2 cities being wiped from the face of the earth in order to end that war), this enemy attacked non-military targets filled with innocent civilians. Like it or not, we have been drawn into a war with millions of 'RADICAL RELIGIOUS FANATICS'! Honor, does not exist in these 'factions. They pay homage to their false god, by using tactics that anger and frustrate our military leaders, ordinary citizens of this great nation, as well as effect our everyday way of life. Unless, and 'Until'..."DRASTIC MEASURES" are taken, this is a war that will NEVER end!

  • 2011-09-09T14:01:56

I love you lord Jesus and I Pray that your will be done in all matter. for I know I can do nothing without you. so I lay it all at your feet. in Jesus I pray Amen.

  • 2011-09-09T12:53:37

OOH! God of Israel, show us your mercies and unconditional love ever. LET GOD ARISE AND HIS ENEMIES BE SCATTERED.

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