Justin Bieber's Mom - If Justin Sees His Success As Gods Plan



  • 2014-06-06T05:33:51

Wow...this is really outdated...sadly so.

  • 2012-06-18T18:02:14

It is so great that he kept his faith even through all of his fame.

  • 2012-05-27T22:06:33

um i don't think life christian superstition is in the US, srry

  • 2012-05-25T04:22:31

Kara Laurel Kirkland amen thats was sweetly and justly put i 100% agree with you on that. by the way do you know what state 100.3 is in im in katy tx and wanted to check them out???

  • 2012-05-25T04:20:43

we cant judge because only God knows the things he has planned for someones life....just like my teachers used to say to me lol..." you worry abut you and let them worry about thereselves!!!!"

  • 2012-03-02T22:07:58

justin is a charming, talented young man but his life clearly belongs to the world. Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride of life—is not from the Father but is from the world. And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever." 1 John 2:15-17. "Jesus answered him, 'Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.'" John 3:3. "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." Hebrews 10:31. If you believe that the bible is true and that God cant tell a lie than you have to stand for the whole thing. Yes God is love but he is also holy and he hates sin. You cant understand Gods love until you understand his holiness. Imagine you were before the presence of God if you do anything short of falling on your face before him than you have a distorted view of who he is.

  • 2012-02-22T16:55:15

Sarah Ruth Kazadi No thanks! I'M all good with The WORD of GOD. Dont need anything else to go by. John 17:17 Sanctify them [purify, consecrate, separate them for Yourself, make them holy] by the Truth; Your Word is Truth. GOD bless!

  • 2012-02-21T05:12:39

Not offending me i like to see everyones out look on this topic and thanks for those bible verses, i have to give a talk on issues like these this summer

  • 2012-02-21T04:30:00

You heard all those things i am glad, Just because what you saw was good. Does not make him good. Here is a head line when you start to find more then what the media tells you , this was in a LA news paper (Justin Bieber: LAPD May Look Into Alleged Sexual Tryst). Your young talented justin admitted to drinking and having sex with a young lady. Again all we can do it pray for God to bring him on a right path. But the way he is living now is wrong end of argument , your pleading a loosing case. Just pray for him and his family. Much love to all of you, no hard feelings it was fun

  • 2012-02-21T04:21:22

amen , well said

  • 2012-02-21T04:19:36

@ Autumn your argument makes no sense. Just because someone is a christian does not mean there perfect it just means that made a pack with God telling him I believe your son died on the cross for my sins and I will TRY , again TRY my best to live a righteous life. The bible in romans 3:23 states that we all fall short of the glory of God. So we will always be sinners but you try everyday you wake up to strive forward and live a life pleasing to God. I enjoy this talk to hear different point of views not to argue but help me to broaden my horizons. God bless and thank you guys. Cant wait to read the response

  • 2012-02-21T04:15:18

@ alex You said how would I know, thats easy , according to the bible it states in matthew 7:16(by there fruit you will recognize him) I can tell by how he talks and the songs he sings. At the end of the day you do not know what he does on his spare time , if he goes to church or prays but I do know what I see and that is not music that brings honor to God. Point .Blank. Period. Case closed It is clearly stated by God in Ephesians 5:19 (Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord-) make music to the Lord I dont care for personal opinions, Our job is to follow the Word. Just continue to pray for him and his family and I will continue to pray for you alex. You are a child of the most High God, be happy, i apologize if i am offending anyone but once again janelle is right.

  • 2012-02-21T02:57:11

Hmm, all this nitpicking is from a "God in a Box" perspective. God is sovereign. He is so COMPLETE in his sovereignty and control of things that even the bad things in this world do not happen with out his allowance. Didn't God say that he created evil? Not ONE of you can judge another's relationship to God. It is so easy to put out blanket statements and judgments. What I hear here is akin to me saying, "Hey, you can't be a Christian, because you are driving a car made by corrupt companies owned by mafia unions and fueled by gas from Islamics." Also, you don't know what stage in his life he is in God's development of his heart. Maybe he needs to be famous to learn to be more like Him? Maybe your kids need to find out the vanity of worshiping another human? There are too many variables both bad and good that God uses to fulfill His will and here we stand nitpicking from a small perspective on single aspects when WE DON'T KNOW SQUAT compared to what God does about the situation.

  • 2012-02-20T21:28:27

what ever you say Alex Ramos, and how do you know if he does or deos not give glory to God.

  • 2012-02-20T20:47:51

Juan Montalvo of course as if that matters.... again love is blind!

  • 2012-02-20T20:31:18

Janelle Bolduc Brown so, you are saying that you are a Christian? And that everything you do shows prove to the whole world that you are a Christian. You don't cuss, or drink, or gossip, or watch sexually explixit movies, or read books that honor witches-satan-the horned man etc., you don't dress imodestly and cause men to lust after you? You are the perfect person? You praise God with your tongue all day long?

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