Mary Margaret sings "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas"



  • 2012-12-06T14:57:17

This is just one of my favorite Christmas songs, and she does it wonderfully. She makes me laugh with her motions for the song, she has talent. I loved Shirley Temple also and she really does remind me of her. She should be making movies, I'd watch! God Bless Mary Margaret! and thank you!

  • 2012-12-03T22:43:39


  • 2012-12-03T07:07:39

Good Job girl!

  • 2012-12-03T06:25:32

you`re so cute...

  • 2012-12-03T05:07:10


  • 2012-12-03T04:29:36

The sweetest little girl ever!

  • 2012-12-03T04:26:48


  • 2012-02-20T16:59:25

I know this is a late Christmas present to share but you see I didn't have the internet at Christmas and I only just heard it and it was too great not to share. Thanks, Erin!

  • 2011-12-18T23:12:40

Mom and Dad should buy her one like Abby has on NCIS. Such talent for her age.

  • 2011-12-06T20:02:18

I agree...she could be the next Shirley Temple!

  • 2011-12-04T12:26:23

that was precious good job kiddo.

  • 2011-12-01T04:52:32

Yes, I felt the same, she has the same ability to interpret the song, bring the sing to the audience. More that cute, she has great singing craft.

  • 2011-12-01T01:47:02

lol this is such an adorable but funny and cute video lol I like her way of saying "hippopotamuses" Hmm I wonder if I can do something for as a gift =]

  • 2011-11-30T23:59:26

she reminds me of judy garland... cute!

  • 2011-11-30T22:35:48

She has great talent!

  • 2011-11-30T20:37:54

She not only sounds like Shirley Temple, she kinda looks like her too! So adorable!

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