Mark Schultz - All Things Possible



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it is through FAITH and PATIENCE, (the POWER TWINS), THAT WE INHERIT THE PROMISES OF GOD! KENNETH HAGIN ONCE SAID THAT GODhas 2 speeds, slow, and slower, so don't be moved ny what you currently see, speak the Word and believe and you will see the victory, but PRAISE GOD for it , victory BEFOREyou see it! It takes FAITH FOR THAT, AS Hebrews 11:1 says NOW faith is THE SUBSTANCE OF THINGS hoped FOR , THE evidence of things NOT SEEN! AND CORINTHIANS 5:7 FOR WE WALK MY FAITH AND NOT BY SIGHT! OH AND ROMANS 4 : 17 GOD QUICKENS (MAKES ALIVE ) DEAD THINGS, dreams, PRAYERS ABOUT A JOB, OR FOR HEALING ETC. AND HE CALLS THOSE THINGS THAT BE NOT AS THOUGH THEY WERE! cALLS IT AS IF IT IS ALREADY DONE!

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YES! Only Believe ALL things are possible to (all) those who believe! God is always faithful to watch over His word to perform it, SO trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding if you will hold on to HIs Word even in the face of apparent lack, He will bring your petition you have desired of Him to pass! With GOD all things ARE POSSIBLE!

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I am glad to see so many happy young people.If you would all just live according to what Jesus said and did; remember, one of his closest followers was a prostitute.He was never about hating and mistreating people.Open your hearts just a little more and go for would peace and tolerance.Don't stand up for discriminating against Gays, or anyone.Jesus loved all people.I beg you to use the bible, the words of Jesus, to end intolerance. and bring true peace and love. I am a baptized in a river, born again Christian. Thank God, my pastor preached against being judgemental legalists, twisting the words of God for their own agendas.I don't call myself a Christian now, though I strive every day to live by Jesus' teachings, because I refuse to be associated with the Political Religious Right, who use the Church to limit freedom and hurt people. Render unto Ceasar..(Government) what is Ceasar's. Let God judge.Our message should turn no soul away, just teach, and love. I'm 60 now, a retired Army Vet. and teacher for over 20 years. I am a Master of History, Science, Government, and Special Ed. Love every one. Religion is a tool of evil.Everyone was supposed, according to God's words, to study the Bible and live according to what Jesus says. Reach out where ever you are with love and compassion.Change this Country and World before we destroys ourselves in the name of reilgion. Denise King

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I love God Tube. I enjoy the music and the up and coming as well as the well known artists sing praises to our Lord every day.

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I love it.

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Your voice-the words-and your talent which is a gift from God, so you could us share with us. T.U. This true without the Lord nothing is possible.

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This is great love it.

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