Boy Goes to Heaven and Lives to Tell About It - Heaven Is Real Boy Now in 8th Grade



  • 2014-04-17T00:50:38

Evan Sell-Innis I would presume his parents told him he flat lined and they used paddles on him. I don't know other than that, and you did NOT catch me in a lie. I don't lie, and he doesn't either. I am not psychotic and do not need therapy. Read my comment again and see if I said one word about believing it. I didn't. I do not know - I just quoted what my grandson told me. There are many people who claim to have seen Heaven and come back, and I have no idea whether it happened or whether they dreamed it, or what. I only told what I heard, and you are not a very nice person to call me a liar and say I am psychotic and need therapy. I'm glad you are not among my friends. God bless you.

  • 2014-04-15T19:05:18

How did he know he flat lined and they used paddles on him if he was unconscious? Whoops caught you in a lie.. Or your grandsons lie at least.. You're truly psychotic if you believe crazy storys like this without even questioning them.. I recommend therapy..

  • 2014-04-15T19:02:04

i know right... Because not following a evil god who like to kill babies is the wrong idea.. You don't even read the bible dude... To believe in the bible without reading it is called insanity. You're just scared of death is all.

  • 2014-04-15T18:57:27

When i was a newborn i died.. And i remember going to heaven.. now make me famous and make a movie about my story.(sarcasm)...

  • 2013-10-03T23:25:12

I had an experience and I was saved from being ran over by a car. I had witnesses! This is a true story! As the car started hitting me a big white cloud surrounded me, like angel wings and I was carried to the other side of the street. I was completely awake and the witnesses could not believe their eyes. I have been a strong believer since that day. Why me? I have no clue and I don't have super powers. God is Great!!!!!!!

  • 2013-10-03T23:17:43

My heart breaks for you non believers. God is real and I am 100% positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2013-08-22T01:32:15

so when jesus said to the man hanging next to him you shall be in paradise this day with me what is he saying there and when the word says when absent from the body is to be with christ explain those statements

  • 2013-07-26T19:11:14

am reading the book and well said connie

  • 2012-11-03T10:39:54

I noticed the same thing. Stood out to me they focus on heaven. But it is all about Christ and he is the one who should be lifted up and through him we receive eternal life.

  • 2012-11-03T06:14:05

My 34 year old grandson (the one in the middle of this picture) was on a motorcycle and was hit by a drunk driver. Six months later he is still in a wheel chair with his left side partially paralyzed, and he told me "You know, Nanny, I was in a coma for a while after the wreck. I came up to a big, beautiful house, and when I went to the door, it opened, and Jesus stood there in a white robe. He said, 'Come in'. At that moment, I flat lined and they used the paddles on me, and I came to."

  • 2012-10-29T16:23:20

A person with an "Experience" can never be defeated by a person with an argument.

  • 2012-10-12T15:57:06

@ Thomas Grey Gailard the bible also says in Acts 2:17 "In the last days, God says, I will pour out my spirit on all my people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will drem dreams." NIV version. It is also found in Joel 2:28.

  • 2012-10-11T22:59:28

You are right about what the bible says. But I am very confused about the bible now days and ill tell you why. My 11 year old son passed away 1 year ago, after he passed not just me but my whole family has been experiencing visits,and weird things happening still to this day. My son had a b.o. issue and now every once in awhile,i can smell him! very strong odor and then goes away after 2 min. many other things have happened when we feel sad. The other day my daughter took her new born baby to see his grave, and i told her to take a picture for me because i just moved to cali. Well when she took the picture, something bright appeared on her shirt and looks like a hand holding the babys hand. I know it sounds crazy,but look at my facebook page,its there. Im just saying all this because i know im not crazy,hurt mabey but not crazy. Some things about the bible i just dont think i agree with. But i do know there is an afterlife.

  • 2012-10-11T21:31:34

To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord if you are a Christian. When you die you either go to heaven or hell.

  • 2012-10-11T19:03:30

Thank you Karen for your response. I also believe in Heaven as the throne room of God and Hell as the grave, or the abode of the dead. The righteous will spend eternity with God and the unrighteous will experience the punishment of the lake of fire and then the second death. Again, we don't need any further knowledge as to what Heaven is like. The Bible is very clear on the subject AND we have many people who did die and were resurrected and never spoke a word about what Heaven or Hell was like.

  • 2012-10-11T16:47:31

Thomas Grey Gaillard I fully believe in heaven and hell and that when you die you will go to one or the other. It is not called a hallucination. There are plenty of people who have had a near death experience and came back to tell about either heaven or hell.

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