This Marching Band Show Will Delight You!! The 6 minute mark is INCREDIBLE!!



  • 2013-01-30T07:45:58

This was amazing, and reminded me of so many different video games I played when I was young.

  • 2012-11-11T17:31:24

Awesome! The Buckeyes are the best!

  • 2012-10-31T11:36:01

The Ohio State University Marching Band! Amazing!

  • 2012-10-19T12:21:02

truly Amazing!

  • 2012-10-12T16:42:06

very very VERY cool!

  • 2012-10-11T21:19:59

Pretty spectacular, BUT I remarked in the starformation, it has only 5 "legs", that did not make me happy.

  • 2012-10-11T17:35:03


  • 2012-10-11T15:01:09


  • 2012-10-11T13:50:27

That is AMAZING!

  • 2012-10-11T08:15:25

The WHITE HORSE, and then THE KINGDOM, with the "Game Over", and we all know what that stands for. ESPECIALLY, when YOU heard, over the loud speaker, came the words "the FORCES of EVIL" The KNIGHT on the galloping horse, and GOD'S VICTORIOUS...Proud to say, I was born in OHIO. EXCELLENT, BEYOND BELIEF, MARCHING BAND!

  • 2012-10-11T05:57:19

Awesome Display of Teamwork!

  • 2012-10-11T03:59:39

that is amazing!

  • 2012-10-11T02:04:42

Awesome display of teamwork.

  • 2012-10-11T00:38:41


  • 2012-10-11T00:31:40


  • 2012-10-10T17:35:06

WOW I can't wait to show this band to my daughter! You are incredible Ohio State!

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