BibleStudyTools.com: How would you preach Nehemiah in a Christ-centered way?-Phil Johnson



  • 2013-07-17T12:56:14

I'm doing a series on Nehemiah. What resources would you suggest to study?

  • 2012-11-24T06:19:23

The Book of Nehemiah has countless excellent examples on right priorities, prayers, manners, communications, negotiations, determination, wisdom, leadership, worship, combats, education, cleaning, honestry, integrity, and sacrifice. Nehemiah, along with the characters like Abraham, Joseph, Moses, and David, is one of the types of Jesus. Jesus completes mending the wall, protects us, combats the enemies, teaches us to battle wisely, and fixes us. Men should learn true manliness from Nehemiah.

  • 2012-11-22T16:02:56

Rick, thank you for your input and that is very insightfulness that you have shared with us. I am experiencing what you write about so wisely. I was undergoing some serious trial periods that I have only just begun to see the light at the end of the tunnel. During the beginning stages of my trials, I did not know the Lord, as I do today. Yet, the Lord was with me, he assigned work for me to do, and what I did not realize then was that the work acted as a healing point for me. I was experiencing shock, and had lost medical insurance and could not seek a doctor for healing. The Lord's healing is better than what a doctor has to offer! He assigned me written work and I completed not one but two whole books and begin a third book. I have offered the work up to the Lord, because it did not come from me, as I said I was experiencing shock. I'd lost the ability to remember words, speak them, speak them accurately etc. I was near a breakdown, or so I thought. He used my enemy, or so I seen them as, to lead me to Him, and I sought after His face having nowhere else to turn and found Him. In it I came out with two beautiful books that includes His glory and I cannot take the credit. Still, forces of evil places are working to stop me and I am grateful to you for writing this message. I have and will continue to pray over the matter knowing that the Lord is and always will be my Savior!

  • 2012-11-22T14:29:43

I also learned from the book of Nehemiah that when a person has a great idea and is in the will of the Lord they will encounter great adversity when they try to accomplish the task. Today so many people have great ideas that never get to completion. A person will set out to create or accomplish something and people will try to hinder or crush the task by trying to convince the person that the task is foolish or will not work. They will give many reasons why it will not work and many people will give up at that point. When that does not work then things escalate. Some people will then try to stop you by enlisting the help of others that may be in control of resources that enable you to complete the task. At this point many people will give up or fight back in the flesh. This will not work or at the least will slow you down. The best way through this situation is to take up the whole armor of God. The helmet of salvation. The breastplate of righteousness. The shield of faith. The sword of the Spirit. The belt of truth. The shoes of readiness. And most of all pray in the Spirit be alert and persevere.

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