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The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength



Even The Parents Get Involved In This Surprise Proposal! - This Is a must-see!



  • 2012-10-11T03:52:13

That's a real man right there! Can't wait for that day.

  • 2012-10-10T12:15:42

Wow! Every man should watch this before he proposes. You don't have to propose like this, but you should be willing to do so for the woman that you love. If you aren't willing, ask yourself this question. "Do I really love you?" "Am I willing to do anything for this woman?" "Am I willing to put her first?" If you answer no to any of these questions you need to rethink why you want to marry.

  • 2012-10-10T05:29:21

Gosh, how come it's not happening for this guy? I have always considered how I would propose and?

  • 2012-10-10T01:36:09

so much energy, so much love! God bless you!

  • 2012-10-09T21:38:09

Brad, thanks ever so much for making the rest of us guys look like complete schmucks. Jerk. :) Just kidding! You are beyond awesome and I wish you and Emily all the best! Work hard every day to make her as happy if not more happy than the day you did this.

  • 2012-10-09T18:31:09

Douglas Williams Let's hope she says Yes:))) She might think you're joking:))

  • 2012-10-09T17:42:15

WOW, Amazing!

  • 2012-10-09T16:11:54

The best I have ever seen of a marriage proposal - So creative!

  • 2012-10-09T15:47:14

I couldn't stop that tear from leaving my eye, ..............(long pause) reminds me of my baby.

  • 2012-10-09T15:39:10

That was so awesome..I am going home from the office to propose to my wife again!

  • 2012-10-09T13:45:43

when you find a love like that hold on to it tight for it is rare and worth it all. A person showing their love like that for you is true til the end of time. Treasure it. For I know all that watch that video will.

  • 2012-10-09T12:50:25

Omg that made me cry! They have the coolest proposals now! Jose needs to watch this! Lol

  • 2012-10-09T12:22:40

So incredibly awesome!!

  • 2012-10-09T11:20:45

This might have been cute, but I hated the violent ad beforehand. I don't care to see that!

  • 2012-10-09T10:58:01

This was awesome!

  • 2012-10-09T10:03:03

Amazing! What a lucky couple to have each other! God Bless you both!