Two Dogs Pray Before Meal - Adorable!



  • 2013-01-05T22:04:16

i must say, think positive sister, this could actually provoke an unbeleiver to give tks, be Blessed shalom

  • 2012-10-25T22:03:36


  • 2012-09-23T15:06:47

It is a shame if these dogs can pray why humans can't. A slap on our face! Let us all remember the Lord in everything we do. :)

  • 2012-08-26T06:21:13

Sure, Diane. Who doesn't remember Djaingo? He was a sensation at the time and still is. I really admire Steve who trained him the way he did. Anyway, what's wrong with dogs acting like they're praying? Surely, God isn't against it.

  • 2012-08-22T16:39:40

Why do we always have to have such negative input? As Christians, our words are to be soft, encouraging and uplifting. Yes, we are told that EVERYTHING that has breath, praise the LORD. So let it be. At least the post is not the dogs praying to buddha......I do not think the people with these dogs are trying to be mocking God in any way. We do not know how God could be communicating with his creatures, and his ways are NEVER ours.

  • 2012-08-22T01:53:38

I can see why one would say that, but it reminded me of the verse that says that everything on earth shall praise the Lord :)

  • 2012-08-22T01:22:27

I'll tell you what's demeaning: It's comments from people who have opinions that animals have more rights than humans do. Sure, dogs are "trained" to do a lot of things; sit, stay, fetch, roll over, beg, whatever. They are also trained in law enforcement as well as military "soldiers." Are those things also considered demeaning in your mind? Let me remind you of some very important biblical truths: Once the wild dog became domesticated and lived among us, they were put here for human enjoyment - AND, wild animals such as deer, bear, bison, fish, etc - they were put here for human consumption - food, clothing, etc - not the other way around! Second, man has always had dominion over the earth and animals. I think you need a refresher course in the book of Genesis.

  • 2012-08-22T01:03:38

I saw it on YouTube ...

  • 2012-08-21T23:35:25

sounds like you need to be the praying more Abby !! Do you realize how many don't say grace before their meal !

  • 2012-08-21T21:51:05

Sorry but I agree with Abby - what's the difference between training dogs to "pray" and training them to "beg"? Both tricks are demeaning to God's beautiful creatures.

  • 2012-08-21T15:24:40

May I ask Abby to consder which has caused more of your broithers and sisters to stumble, your comment or this video?

  • 2012-08-21T11:25:06

might be Havanese Lin, not sure though

  • 2012-08-21T08:08:14

dear Abby, I don't think it is a mockery or sideshow. My prime desire is to learn more about the ways of God and His creations. If a man can teach his 2 dogs to pray before meals , I think that is a reminder for us to be obedient and loyal by doing the same for our Master !! Do you agree............??

  • 2012-08-21T07:48:57

My husband is sure that our dog is a "christian" dog! He would love this.

  • 2012-08-21T01:28:07

These animals know who there creator is wowow!

  • 2012-08-20T22:59:50

Good point about the dog training. To add, domestic pets are put her for our enjoyment and companionship. Dogs in particular are more than willing to please their human families, and sometimes pet owners will train them to do just what this guy did with his. Remember Djaingo, the other dog whose video went viral both here and on YouTube a couple years ago. He did the same thing.

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