Why do Christians advocate obeying the laws of Leviticus regarding homosexuality but overlook other matters? - Denny Burk



  • 2012-09-23T05:56:56

The phrase "considered to be sin" is not accurate. If God declares anything to be sin, it IS sin.

  • 2012-09-23T05:55:28

Amen to the video. Christians have never overlooked ANY of the moral laws of Moses; in fact we keep much more than what the Jews keep, as the Old Testament carries over 600 commands where as the New Testament carries over 1,000 commands. The Sabbath commands are kept as well; Christians worship God on the Lord's Day every week and refrain from business on that day in order to honor God and to rest. The Sunday shopping prevents non-believers from visiting God's house, so considerate Christians don't do it either. Jesus never told us to do whatever we want on the Sabbath(now Sunday) ignoring the divine oriented rest but that we are to do the ministries of God for all time. Doing secular business on Sunday as any weekdays is practically destructive to Christianity and Christians should not do that. The Jewish diet must be good for human brain and least polluting to the planet, but the Gentiles are not obligated for that as specific diet is not considered as the moral law.

  • 2012-09-23T05:43:54

The ritual laws and national laws in Pentateuch have deep spiritual impact and significance in discovering who Jesus is and what we should be; so we study all of the Old Testament Bible just like we study the New Testament Bible.

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