• 2013-03-14T15:39:38

You need to watch Revelation Road

  • 2012-12-31T15:49:00

wonderful dog can create wonderful thing for us this are share to out of the god mercy.

  • 2012-12-26T05:42:09

Have you stopped telling lies though.. do you no longer speak behind a persons back.. are you free from jealousy... have you studied to learn the truth.. do you love the way of truth.. can you control the demons within.. are you aware of the light that shines within.. are you willing to sacrifice as the anointed one did.. do you speaK OUT when evil is portrayed before you.. do you question when told not to. do you take the lords name in vain.. are you willing to to come to christ.. has the truth of christ made you forget all these CULT-ures that keeps men separated.. do you still judge man based on colour or idealism.. has the truth visited you.. and the idea of christ overcome the stronghold that family and friends put on you because of the idealism of society.. are you willing to sacrifice all that you have for the spirit of truth.. do you still serve your urges.. if so why do you wait till christ-mass to express these ideals.. how many times have you expressed these ideas before christ -mass.. are you one of those who says yes because everybody else says yes.. or are you a real person who has said yes because there are a number of other yes's that express and look toward your false idea-ology of what christ stood for.. do you think that agreeing to this message will save your soul.. do you pretend to pray rather than actually be active in the pursuit of change in this world.. do you use every opportunity in this world to speak the righteous truth that christ stood for.. or are you a FACEBOOK christian..

  • 2012-12-22T22:25:42

thank ya'll for the mess. from God

  • 2012-12-22T14:01:30

life...its a journey.

  • 2012-12-22T05:03:44

it sucks that christian movies always have cheesy acting :/

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