Matthew West - Into the Light Album Trailer



  • 2013-01-15T01:42:21

The track my name is really blew me away, Matthew talks about a user, who would stand up every week and say my name is _________, and I'm a drug addict, Once The Lord, saved him and transformed him, he was no longer a drug addict but he was _________ a child of God!,, forever moved and strengthened and motivated to love my daughter who is now an addict, but GOD!

  • 2012-12-04T00:18:25

This is an absolutely amazing new album.

  • 2012-11-05T22:34:00

Yes, come out of the shadows and step into the light! No more darkness...Change is refreshing and it instills hope and faith for a new future and adventure...Take the step into the light!

  • 2012-09-28T02:58:02


  • 2012-09-27T12:39:33

I will stay in the light that illuminates the darkness when it fades away from its grasp.

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