Bullied Teenager Makes Simon Cowell Choke Up!



  • 2012-09-18T12:07:03

Don Regier : Thank you, Don. God bless you, too. I experienced it there firsthand, though bullying was not that indiscriminate, lethal or senseless like the 21st century in rich nations. I can't imagine the hell of going through bullying day after day without Jesus and knowing God's love. Teens should really stop believing in the human goodness but acknowledge the fact that all humans are totally depraved sinners, yet God loves and forgives the sinful humans in Jesus, and that humans have unbreakable dignity because of being made in the image of God. One cannot be converted into Christian manually, but the knowing the Biblical truth is the only answer to bullying. Knowing the Truth alone brings freedom and strength. Also, the Christian kids must be trained to be strong to defend the bullied against the evil ones. May God save both the bullies and the bullied in His time.

  • 2012-09-18T06:41:55

Great story! Really makes you realize how much this world needs to know the love of Jesus Christ! We as the church need to share that love! People are hurting all round us!

  • 2012-09-18T02:55:03

Thank you Grace for sharing your experience. Bullying is again in the news here in Japan where some bullied teens commit suicide every year. You give very practical suggestions on avoiding bullying and point us to faith in Jesus and the need for sound biblical knowledge and values. That is what we are trying to share and publish here in Japan. God bless you.

  • 2012-09-17T23:57:25

Aside from the amazing story - that grandma was wild looking! lol

  • 2012-09-17T22:14:49

above all..forgive them who persecute you...release yourself to forgiving yourself, asks God for forgiveness for hating them, but instead..."loving our enemies"...so hard.. but nothing is impossible with GOD!

  • 2012-09-17T22:11:08

now..all smiles now..Forget the past & looking forward to what lies ahead! Focus on the positive side...if God is for you who can be against you?

  • 2012-09-17T22:06:49

those who bullied you..they don't have what you've got..You are the apple of HIS eyes! apple

  • 2012-09-17T16:04:18

"Others May, I Cannot" The Holy Spirit convicts me with scripture as to my time and what I see, especially with what is happening in the world and God's Word through Prophecy being fulfilled. I don't want to offend Him. Fighting a rare blood disease and having almost died, my priorities and values are different \0/

  • 2012-09-17T15:50:16

VinLore Disalvo I just started watching X-Factor and it is much better than Idol in my judgement.

  • 2012-09-17T13:33:37

Yes Amen Nerida and believe me I do praise the Lord daily. And amen to that Robyn and not sometimes all the time our value and validation should come from our Heavenly Father God :) and Jesus our Lord and Saviour and the Holy Spirit which lives in us. All Three in one

  • 2012-09-17T11:48:24

there is no video here.

  • 2012-09-17T04:17:44

We were unable to watch this. It asked if we enjoyed it, but we didn't get to see it! HELP!

  • 2012-09-16T17:49:33

This particular video is NOT about the X-Factor. It is about living through bullying, working through your pain and coming out on the other side in spite of it.

  • 2012-09-16T11:16:37

The Bible says that we are a peculiar people. SO EXPECT TO BE BULLIED! Jesus says that it means that the truth is too close for comfort for the bullies.

  • 2012-09-16T08:38:00

When I was a kid in HS, there was this Black dude that many picked on. His problem was genetics, in that you really couldn't tell if he was a "he" or a "she." In other words, HE WAS BORN THAT WAY, but was aided into being bullied due to the way that he walked, and the suit and tie that his parents forced him to wear. Nobody wore suits! And he had no friends. Except one day, one of his bullies kept on bothering me, and my friend Bob, who would later become my radio partner. I asked him to leave. I asked him twice. The third plea was in the form of a fist. Yay! I got a 2 week vacation! Not sure what happened to the Black guy. I didn't even know his name. But I figure if I didn't get brownie points from above, the vacation was well appreciated, from a school that hated me as much as I hated it.

  • 2012-09-16T07:19:46

I was bullied, too, but the knowledge of God gave me deaf ears to the whatever trash the bullies said to me. I also took cautions not to get physical encounters with them. When they called me out, I ignored them because no students should have any rights to order me around. What bullies said contradicted with what the Bible says so I knew I didn't need to listen to them. I pitied them in heart because the judgment was their final lot. Talking about Jesus usually brought further bullying but I think at the end I ended up scaring the bullies. Reading the Holy Bible and the world history - the stories on how the historic Christians and missionaries were persecuted and martyred, how the Jews were singled out and slaughtered by Nazis, and how the individuals fought against the plans of Nazis - also strengthened my spirit in my teenage years. I concentrated on study, creative hobbies and the good friends I had instead of thinking about the bullies all the time. For the fight against bullies, I suggest kids to go to church regularly, be assured of the Creator God's unconditional love, stop minding feeling insecure( everyone feels insecure), be compassionate to others instead of imagining the horrible future all the time, dress up properly( no excesive showing of skin), use clean language( no OMG or swearing), become tough inside without getting tattoos( every human is a sinner and it is unethical to be enslaved by any human), reduce spending time on electric device and study hard( school years are for learning and not for wasting) and belong to safe crowds though it may not be the coolest thing. If you don't have good normal parents, determine to believe till the end that there are entirely different beautiful worlds in existence than what you know now( because there are) and read the Gospel, go to church, and study on what the American Founding Fathers actually wrote. American kids are ignorant on their own heritage( I really feel sorry for the American settlers. I've seen no other nationals bashing so hard their own ancestors who were better than themselves like Americans do. The Pax Americana was achieved, then the bored kids started bullying and killing each other. How foolishly tragic.) and are drowning on the brain-emptying entertainment all the time; the reason bullying will never cease. One needs the faith in Jesus, the clear Biblical knowledge and Biblical values on morality and justice, courageous refusal to submit to villains( whether it's self, other humans or demons), and the ability to manifest God's compassion on others, in order to overcome the bullies and depression permanently.

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