Kitty and Baby Cuddle SO Sweetly Together - Double the Cuteness!



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God bless youChristopher Jackson

  • 2013-05-12T14:44:44

Why are you guys so quick to judge the video itself is adorable and on the description it reads "This is such a sweet example of the precious gifts God gives us. :)" since god gave them the kitty its a good kitty comforting the child and there is nothing wrong with that.

  • 2013-05-11T15:41:02

Pastr Myra Jammer...bear in mind that not all cats go outdoors. Our cat is an indoor cat and never goes outside or has contact with other animals. He gets his yearly examination at the vets and is just fine. So don't judge unless you know the situation. Perhaps this is an indoor cat in which case is probably more clean and germ free than a human.

  • 2013-05-11T05:21:54

How sweet! And to those who posted negative comments you are not very nice people. The cat has no more germs than someone's hands.

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I can't see it! But the boys father made me get rid of our kitten before Adam was born even though I kept telling him it was a wives tale. Why do people still believe such malarkey in this day and age? God is a loving God who wouldn't create a creature that would do that to one of his own.

  • 2013-05-10T21:48:56

what a cute video and a cute baby.

  • 2013-05-10T19:29:35

Oh, goodness, Victor, have you never just looked around with open eyes to marvel at what all God has provided for us to enjoy. When I go to a zoo (or the mountains, or even watching animal bloopers), it is impossible for me to reconcile with the idea of evolution! The thought of an explosion, or down thru the ages... There is so much evidence that there was indeed a Master Designer, and He continues to this day using His creations. Pick any one species, such as a bird, and with open eyes, how can a person not compliment the creativity that went into it. I'm no doctor, but even the innards of a human and animals are amazing as to all that went into it to make an organized and working unit! Likewise, comes this video, two of God's opposite creations, and the greatest of these is love!

  • 2013-05-10T19:09:24

Pastr Myra Jammer, how wonderful that you were able to raise your children in a 100% sanitary bubble. Too bad most of your energy went into that rather than a little more time & energy spent in God's word. I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist with all the stingers you've sent out! God's wisdom never ceases to amaze me, especially when He had the foresight to make babies & toddlers so durable, (please don't take that to the extreme, I'm well aware there have been serious even fatal accidents with children, yet each breath we take is a gift from God, and yes, He expects us to have common sense & the parents in video were not lacking it). I had so many heart attacks when each of my children 1st learned to walk, or once they learned to run, or even when they would stand up under a table, how my hand would race to cushion the head! My1 yr old once put a cricket in her mouth (could have been worse & this was while we were staying at a 4 star resort in Sedona, AZ), which of course grossed out my 16 yr old because she had to quickly dig it out of her mouth since I was at work. At grandma's house it was always a race between the same 1 yr old & two cats, to see who made it to the cat treat first. Also, I never once allowed myself to think about what my youngest put in her mouth when she spent a lot of time as a toddler helping her daddy in the back yard and he wasn't the least bit observant. Would I have deprived either of them from having quality time together rather than just putting them into God's hands?

  • 2013-05-10T19:02:40

I am honestly surprised and shocked by many of the comments to this video. These sort of comments turn people away from God's love and salvation for all they see is hypocrisy and lies from the very people who are suppose to be following Christ's path. If you disagree with what people are doing there is always a loving way to say it.... From the angle and shakiness of the video, it's safe to assume that someone was with the child. Watching and taking care of them. Making sure it doesn't go too far. As for the cat smothering, it just an old wives’ tale. The only recent case, to my knowledge, of a baby reportedly dying from suffocation by cat was in 2000, when a mother found her six-week-old son dead in his crib with the family cat resting on top of the baby’s face. An autopsy later determined the baby died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and the cat’s proximity was a coincidence. Having said that, that doesn't mean that they should be left unsupervised or kept completely separate from the child. They should be allowed supervised access to the baby. Cats with different personalities will each react differently to a new baby. Some cats may get along with babies while others dislike them. A cat will give plenty of warning if there is a potential problem. Pets should never be left alone with young children. This child was having supervised interaction with this cat- it's obvious. With that said, the health and cleanliness of the cat should be monitored for any zoonotic parasites and diseases. If the cat is clean and healthy-and the child is healthy as well-, it's okay to let them interact for the 57 second duration of this video.... I personally think this is a cute example of a blossoming friendship between a child and their pet. When my 2 year-old niece was younger, her and our labrador retriever mix- named Mew- were inseparable. Now that she's older, Mew tries to steer clear of her when she's on a rampage. Ja ja ja... But Mew always seems to know when she's in a calmer mood. So much so that Mew just lays there as she's climbing on her or using her as warm fuzzy pillow. Mew knows that she shouldn't play rough with my niece, but my niece hasn't quite gotten that she shouldn't play rough with a dog. That's why they're always under constant supervision. (That's how we found out that my niece loves feeding Mew human food under the kitchen table, and Mew loves to wait by her as we eat dinner.) This is so cute!

  • 2013-05-10T18:46:27

my cat slept in my sons bed when he was a baby. couldn't have asked for a better protector. she stayed with my son until she died.

  • 2013-05-10T18:41:21

Colleen, do you really think either parent would stand their video taping this precious moment while the kitten smothered their baby? There was nothing dangerous about this kitten seeking love from a baby. I truly doubt the parents are stupid and I guess that comes from discernment of spiritual wisdom. To the parents, once again, if the opportunity presents itself for another "cuddly, cutest video," please don't be afraid to send in. Don't let the negative comments and all the gossip spoil what God has given to you for a joyful moment. Christopher was wise with his choice of scripture to quote, Proverbs 3:5-8. Hmmm - Proverbs, the book on wisdom, given to us from God. Oh, how well He knows us! After venting to my oldest daughter & showing her what gossip sounds like (actually, I said nothing except to ask her to read the comments & then tell me what she thought, her reply... a bunch of ladies with nothing to do but gossip in a self-righteous manner, and it included a few men). However, I need to try & set a godly example, so I will open my Bible to read (probably in Proverbs), thus, keeping my mouth shut. I really need His word, as I'm having trouble with confronting in a loving manner and becoming negative with my own comments! May we all choose wisely who we will serve today.

  • 2013-05-10T16:54:03

I am always shocked at how people will put their small, defenseless infants right up against an animal and just expect that all will go well. I would never leave my own children with someone who would do that. The baby has no idea that it could grab the cat in some way that would alarm or threaten the cat, and the cat could at any moment tire of the grabbing baby and decide to bite or scratch the baby out of self defense or moodiness. Many a time I have been petting a cat, who appeared to be so friendly and gentle, only to have it suddenly decide it was going to nip, scratch, or bite. Why would anyone put a tiny baby in that position? Some people are stupid!

  • 2013-05-10T12:54:12

Absolutely adorable. They are best friends for sure. I loved it. Germs, probably but you don't get through life without germs. Baby will be just fine so don't sweat the small stuff anyone. God is good all the time.

  • 2013-05-10T06:18:42

Not only do you all sound like a bunch of gossipers, I can't believe how judgmental you all are! As a mother, you don't have to do whatever you don't want to do, but how can you be so uncaring and critical of another?! Talk about having a 2x4 in the eye, mind, mouth, and heart. I can't imagine why you are all on GodTube to begin with because you certainly don't represent God. Having raised 3 daughters, and discovering the youngest at age two had huge allergies toward cats & dogs, meant our family dog had to stay outside to cut down on dander in our home. However, this child loved animals so much, it also meant that when she visited Grandma, we did not fight her to stay away from my mom's cat. We had an allergist doctor, as we all had problems with environmental elements, especially dust (the Vegas wind and sand meant it didn't matter how clean you kept your house, it blew ahead of your efforts to dust & vacuum), so rather than not enjoying life as the Lord would have us do, we trusted our prescriptions for Claritin & had faith in God. I agree with Michelle and think this video of an adorable baby cuddling with a cute, little kitten is indeed one of many wonderful examples of God's gifts and His love for us. I am grateful for the mom and/or dad for sharing it, as it was truly a delight to see and warmed my heart. I don't know, as it is between them & God, but it seems that perhaps some hearts can't be warmed, maybe because there is too much bitterness. My only regret is having emailed this video to a non-Christian friend before I realized there were so many negative and strong judgmental comments. Its the first time I've sent her an email from GodTube and what a poor witness many of these comments are making.

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