Dolly Parton's Anointed Performance of He's Alive



  • 2015-04-22T04:32:06

Chills indeed. An amazing live performance.

  • 2015-04-10T02:06:56

Love you Dolly!! You are so magical!!!!

  • 2015-04-07T14:05:22

The most glorious song I've ever heard

  • 2015-04-06T20:45:35


  • 2015-04-05T19:52:07

She looks and sings like an angel.

  • 2015-04-05T03:02:43

My all time favorite song, thanx for posting

  • 2014-05-15T01:22:14

Everytime I hear Dolly sing this in the show Heartsong at Dollywood, I could just cry. She is beautiful.

  • 2014-05-10T00:07:35

every one should give praises to our lord

  • 2014-04-22T16:24:21

I love all her singing

  • 2014-04-22T03:46:17

Praise our Risen Lord. Thank you Dolly, what a wonderful song. Lifted my spirits so very much. HE IS ALIVE!

  • 2014-04-21T17:08:51

I saw this when she first performed it.It is as moving now as it was the first time.Thank you Jesus for your grace,mercy and forgiveness.

  • 2014-04-20T21:57:44

You are real, and without a doubt the best.

  • 2014-04-20T18:36:37

I've listened to this at least ten times and every time I get chills all over. Thank you God for sending your Son to the cross for my sins. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice for my. I hope everyone knows that Easter is about Christ and has nothing to do with the Easter bunny. Praise God, praise God. HE has Risen!!!!!

  • 2014-04-20T12:11:53

The tears I have are for joy. Jesus is alive. Dolly never looked so beautiful nor sang so profoundly. God bless us all this Resurrection Morning!

  • 2014-04-20T07:11:44


  • 2014-04-19T19:24:20

Thank you for sharing such a moving performance of He's Alive just in time for Easter! It is beautiful and yes I do feel blessed Ms Pardon!

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