UNREAL Shadow Dance - You Won't Believe Your Eyes!



  • 2013-10-06T07:32:55

may i know why did you unfriend me.i would like to know the reason.

  • 2013-09-23T13:28:38


  • 2013-07-24T00:19:08


  • 2013-07-21T18:19:16

these are very talented people and are absolutely beautiful.

  • 2013-07-14T17:59:05


  • 2013-06-29T03:46:40


  • 2013-06-02T23:02:36

Incredible! Never get bored watching this form of art. Always amazing!

  • 2013-05-11T02:02:53

Wow & Wow! The human special effects were absolutely awesome. I've never seen anything like it and being from Las Vegas, and in my younger pre-Christian days, I've seen many shows with all sorts of special effects (other than just singers). Regardless, I'm amazed that over 6,000 views only produced 267 who were impressed enough to say they liked it. I just can't imagine all the others were bored. However, as I told my daughter (what I thought at the time was jokingly), I'm easy to impress. However, no matter how easy I might be to impress, there is absolutely no insult intended, or even possible. I believe, not only was it incredible talent and very creative, but its obvious a great deal of hard work went into the preparation. It was absolutely great & my mouth popped open several times thru out the performance.

  • 2013-05-10T10:44:53

This is the second of this type dance I have seen and they are both amazing and by different groups I am sure. I would be hard put to choose one over the other as the stories they tell are different, one from the other.

  • 2013-05-03T13:04:13

Very creative and enjoyable!

  • 2013-05-01T05:25:13

I can't get them ta work on my phone I will have to get on my coumputer menyana. I thought I had a smart phone lol

  • 2013-05-01T05:06:41

I absolutely love dance....this is incredibly inspiring...even if you are not a dancer...I could watch this again, again, and again....BEAUTIFUL~~~.

  • 2013-04-30T21:06:02

Absolutely wonderful!

  • 2013-04-30T19:14:29

Remarkable dancers

  • 2013-04-30T14:43:00


  • 2013-04-30T13:01:14

Very well done.

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