A Street Boy from the Philippines Has a Voice You Won't Believe!



  • 2013-05-03T18:21:18

Amazing! I was in tears listening this beautiful song.... Remembering the memories of my loving father... Goodluck Guys and May God bless Both!

  • 2013-05-03T12:27:27

What a great duo! Amazing!

  • 2013-05-03T00:29:52

He is not a street boy just an FYI. He is a Pastor's kid. Saw him on Philippine TV leading praise and worship in their church. He said he wants to be a Christian singer. :)

  • 2013-05-02T21:09:20

It burst me into tears.....When I was a little kid we used to dance with My Papa....Chicken Dance. And He put me in his Lap and He used to massage My Legs because My Legs are weak......And He used to buy me a Cup Cake with My Mama. Heartfelt Memories. Thank you.

  • 2013-05-02T19:59:05

May God Bless you Both beautiful voice and beautiful playing on the guitar Keep singing and playing for God> He well Bless you both in so may ways A voice from the angels and instrumental from heave Awesome to both of you wow wow wow wow wow. Gave me the goose bumps Love it.

  • 2013-05-02T18:51:39

This song makes me think about how absolutely outstanding it's going to be someday to be in the presence of our Heavenly Father forever.

  • 2013-05-02T07:27:40

great voice and guitar.. so proud of these Filipinos.. awesome

  • 2013-05-02T05:10:17

goosebumps! so proud to be a pinoy!

  • 2013-05-02T02:46:07

amazing voice...keep up guys...mabuhay.

  • 2013-05-02T02:20:02

ok naman. naoperahan na ba anak mo?

  • 2013-05-01T22:27:04

Great voice and singing style! Hope it doesn't diminish as he changes to his adult voice down the road.

  • 2013-05-01T20:52:58

They are absolutely amazing...I enjoyed listening to this very much... God , has blessed the both of you with this special gift..

  • 2013-05-01T20:49:39

Lord! this young man has God given talent, touching and inspiring. God bless you sweetie ♥♥

  • 2013-05-01T20:05:48

A perfect blessing by 2 of God's very talented children. Praises be to you Lord for the gift of worship through music.

  • 2013-05-01T20:03:13

He is absolutly awsome should be on tv.

  • 2013-05-01T18:45:52

Way to go Aldrich! Keep on singing! You are both blessed!

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