Christianity.com: What is the right way to defend the Christian faith? - William Edgar



  • 2013-03-17T08:32:36

The fact that the humans being able to have genuine Christian faith is itself a super-natural work of the Holy Spirit. Apologetices must be more for believers rather than for non-believers. All able Christians must read the Holy Bible, the Word of God, and also learn to defend the Faith in every way possible. We are commanded to love God with all our mind, and humans will never stop thinking. As the image-bearers of God, we humans constantly think, and along with other abilities, that ability to know and think must be used to honor God and love Him more. The Western Civilization uniquely developed intelligence in the process of clarifying the Biblical doctrines. As one learns the Christian apologetics, he ends up exploring God's Word, His creation world, logic and language, and the nature of humanity. Knowledge alone is far from everything, but genuine knowledge sure helps humans to have stronger faith in God, as all truth is God's truth. And of course, living out God's truth by His people is one of the strongest ways to defend the Faith.

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