Matt Maher - Lord, I Need You Ft. Audrey Assad (Official Lyric Video)



  • 2014-08-12T02:19:59

Thanks for blessing me. I need thee every hour

  • 2014-06-15T18:34:45

Beautiful song. We played and sang it a church today. Beautiful. Trusting and surrendering my life to God, oh, most definitely. I lost my eldest son to a drunk driver 9 years ago when he was 20 years old, lost my wife of nearly 26 years to a sudden death at the age of 43, 5 years ago. I lost my father almost 2 months ago. But, through it all, God is there, blessing me, comforting me, His grace, His mercy, His unconditional love is unmatched. Even His chastening is full of love. I am a single parent of 3 kids at home and one that lives on her own. But God is there, His creation is amazing. His wondrous works are everyhere. I need you, oh I need you, Lord I need you. Thank you for your omnipotence, omniscience, but yet, loves us personnally!!!!!!!

  • 2014-05-21T00:46:49

god bless you i love it

  • 2014-03-22T00:53:01

I love this song. It really speaks to my heart.

  • 2014-01-26T22:22:44

Thanks Matt for reminding us all Who we need most of all!May God continue to bless you above all measure in Jesus' name!

  • 2013-11-28T18:15:51

I LOVE this and hope Audrey Assad gets the credit she deserves for helping to put it over the top!

  • 2013-11-27T05:47:51

Satan is working against us every hour of every day. We truly are defenseless without Him. Praise God and His precious gift of Jesus!

  • 2013-10-19T20:51:26

When my husband passed away 8 months ago, I just wanted to die. I tell the Lord I need you, oh God how I need you, this is what helps me make it thru my days and nights. I love this song.

  • 2013-08-14T17:01:31

Tia I hope you feeling better and always The Lord is with you, and Im praying for you!!!

  • 2013-08-14T04:42:05


  • 2013-08-14T01:31:24

I woke a couple of days ago real sick..verily sitting on my bed I cried "Lord, I need You, dear God I really need You. Tonight I listened to this song for the first time but in my spirit I've been repeating the words "When I cannot stand, I will fall on You, Jesus you are my hope and stay...Lord I need You..Oh God how I need You. Thanks so much.

  • 2013-08-13T03:19:57

Love this's a part of my spiritual armour I put on every morning before I head out the door, "Lord I need you, every hour of every day, Lord I need You!"

  • 2013-07-29T22:50:23

I will definitely look into her after listening to this song! Thanks for the tip! If you have the time, Lisa, I'd be honored if you would check out my lyric video "Teach Me" and let me know what you think. Thanks, and God bless PR

  • 2013-07-27T13:50:27

He's a good catholic artist!

  • 2013-07-01T12:51:36

I love this son and it's just like a song that we used to sing when I was a child...over 40 years ago.

  • 2013-06-13T23:33:21

Love the song. Sometimes the simplest lyrics can convey the deepest convictions of our faith.

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