Christianity.com: What power does forgiveness have in the life of a Christian?-RT Kendall



  • 2012-08-08T05:23:04

For certain kinds of crimes, personal forgiveness does not bring skipping legal justice on earth. Personal forgiveness and judicial justice are two different things even among humans. Offenders should be given some time to repent. Only God's verdict is final and eternal, be it grace or judgment.

  • 2012-08-08T05:17:50

I wouldn't care a bit about physical or psychological benefit or any other "positive" things that could result from forgiving. Forgiving anyone for the sake of benefit is a crime against the victims. Without Christ, vengeance is the best virtue and justice alone is the ultimate good in the entire universe that must be carried out, no matter what. I forgive others only because I know what I have done against God and how Jesus forgave me by dying on the cross. Without Christ, forgiveness is only a gross distortion of justice. And without the works of Christ, it would not be right for God to forgive anyone. Christ made the whole difference. This is why only the Christian forgiveness is real and has any meaning.

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