Big Daddy Weave - Redeemed (Official Music Video)



  • 2013-11-11T18:34:41

Christy Miller God IS so Very Good.... May He Bless YOU !!!! Always in Jesus Christ Precious name....Amen....

  • 2013-11-09T14:02:20

One of my favorites!!!

  • 2013-11-09T06:52:20

No words can ever explain this song. A once in a lifetime experience.......... Jesus Set Me Free!!! I am Redeemed!!!!!!!!

  • 2013-10-18T12:58:38


  • 2013-10-18T12:58:00

This is how I feel !!Great Song and True to my Heart

  • 2013-10-17T01:26:25

I love to watch how God works through his children. This song is so amazing and shows Gods love. Jesus is the only way and he will redeem all who believe!

  • 2013-10-16T12:32:27

So thankful God cleaned up my life and set me free

  • 2013-10-04T16:52:45

I love this song

  • 2013-09-28T16:11:50

Remember you may joke now about it but in the end EVERY knee will bow before our Lord and Savior!

  • 2013-09-28T16:07:01

James the Lord is so wonderful! He is always there for you! You know your on the right path when satan won't leave you alone. He is the author of all lies. Remember your REDEAMED! God is not done with you yet! Your not who you used to be, let Jesus remind you of that everyday! You are awesome in His eyes , He loved you enough to die for you. You will be in my prayers. God bless and have a special wonderful day!

  • 2013-09-26T14:27:48

Love,love this song,when I found this song I listen to it everyday,and I am so happy because I am getting a water baptism .and god praise to you.

  • 2013-09-19T12:11:20

214 days clean:iam redeemed

  • 2013-09-04T14:27:14

Acts 4:12 Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name (JESUS) under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.” Redeemed.

  • 2013-09-04T13:11:00

Oh what a SAVIOR!

  • 2013-08-26T18:15:25

God has been working in my life in so many ways. I have been in remission from Ovarian Cancer for 6 months now and I treasure every day God has given me. I love this song.

  • 2013-08-20T02:37:48

Melissa I do not know you, but my son is in prison now for a crime he didn't do also, so there are a lot of people in there that is innocent, so pray for all the inmates, God will so save them, He is always looking for the sinner!!!!AMEN.....

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