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Good Samaritan Finds Homeless Man Digging in Trash For Food - Then Does The Kindest Thing



  • 2013-02-02T15:03:49

The very next day after I posted this, I had the opportunity to witness and share the Gospel with someone who had run out of gas in front of my office.

  • 2013-02-01T23:43:34

Just so you folks know. Over her in the UK people ride bikes and sometimes have cameras on their helmets. This is to capture evidence if you get run over or need to capture evidence for any other reason. Alot of people use it to protect themself. The whole journey would have been filmed.

  • 2013-02-01T16:24:40

I am amazed at the people who are critical of the generous man for helping another man, because he filmed it. Does it really matter that he filmed it. It was a kind thing to do. Instead of being judgemental , go do something kind for someone in need...Film it if you want!

  • 2013-02-01T10:56:27

His kids are shamed:(

  • 2013-02-01T10:53:58

Try Youtube

  • 2013-02-01T10:53:41

It's on Youtube

  • 2013-02-01T00:26:56

Matthew 25:40 And the king will say to them,, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.’.

  • 2013-01-31T21:59:43

I think this is great and I wish more people would do this. Whether they film it or not. I bet he posted it to encourage the rest of us, to show how easy it is to give and make someone's day brighter. It never showed his face anyway, so how is he asking for credit when nobody even knows who he is? I'd love to watch more videos like this, it almost made me cry.

  • 2013-01-31T20:21:45

Would it be wrong if the homeless man's, children are teased or cyber bullied for it? If it's here, you can believe it's also on Youtube. Look it up, you can probably get better reception anyway.

  • 2013-01-31T20:13:38

Okay, no offense to the guy who posted this- he did an awesome thing, and I hope keeps it up! However, just saying here, I used to buy sandwiches, subs, coffee, fruit etc.-for people I would see panhandling (this was down in Kitchener, Ontario-after I had recently inherited $47,000). Now, I am not making this up, AND- Iamnot looking for praise! All I AM saying is that when I would do that (still do, on occasion.), the furthest thought from my mind was posting it, or shouting out to the world "Hey, look what I'm doing! Just saying :)

  • 2013-01-31T12:20:36

This video is on Youtube check out what could happen next:

  • 2013-01-31T11:26:14

I'm only thinking of his children, the ones who may see this or hear of it as they are taunted by it. How long do you think it took for this to get on Youtube? Have you not heard of Cyber bullying? I'm just saying, the least he could have done was to cut out or blacken out the guys face.

  • 2013-01-31T11:14:18

Why doesn't anyone everconsider the kids these homeless men leave behind? Couldn't the guy have edited the homeless guys face out of the video?

  • 2013-01-31T10:58:32

Good point.

  • 2013-01-31T10:51:06

His kids!

  • 2013-01-31T10:46:30

I'm not judging or being religious, just feeling empathy for anyone who may be adversely affected by this video.