Hilarious Comedian Jeanne Robertson Tells Us Why Older People Shouldn’t Bungee Jump



  • 2015-08-21T02:25:36

My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard

  • 2015-08-16T01:51:43

your internet misson addy cannot be found

  • 2015-08-15T14:56:06

So very hilarious. Love this woman's humor!

  • 2015-08-03T11:37:41

Great way to start the morning!!

  • 2015-07-04T01:30:09

She really made my day!!!!!!

  • 2015-06-28T00:50:34

Most entertaining hilarious person I've ever heard!

  • 2015-06-04T23:22:33

Listen to her on blue collar radio, very funny. I think she's from Elon NC.

  • 2015-05-31T00:51:08

too funny Angela Dealhoy

  • 2015-05-06T10:55:59


  • 2015-03-10T00:02:41

i live in west vancouver which is just across the water from nanaimo and everything she said was true. and she is the funniest lady i have ever heard

  • 2015-02-18T00:53:22

I absolutely love this lady ...thankyou xx

  • 2015-02-04T17:35:39

Your video was hilarious brought back memories of my brother he also went bungee jumping before he passed away at 75 not me

  • 2015-02-03T17:10:32

According to the description, shed have you in stitches while describing a trip to Canada. But I say she'd have you in stitches anytime she's on a stage..... absolutely funniest woman I've heard.

  • 2015-02-02T18:53:00


  • 2015-01-11T17:13:46

Bungee jumping wasn't invented the time I jumped off a cliff...I didn't say it was a smart thing to do, but it sure was FUN!

  • 2015-01-11T12:22:00

I enjoy listening to Jeanne Robertson very much. Good clean laughter.

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