iBelieve.com: Take Your Marriage Beyond Ordinary - Justin and Trisha Davis



  • 2015-02-13T21:27:15

My friend, Dawn asked me to watch this video, which I did! She also asked me the hardest question.... What do you think I should do? I told her, honestly... I can give you suggestions, but I CAN'T TELL you anything!!! It is up to YOU to decide what is best for you! I have been on BOTH sides of the street and what I found out ( by experience) is that the WOMAN always blames the Man!! Does that mean she is PERFECT and has done NOTHING wrong? The second thing is that INFIDELITY is NOT the CAUSE of a separation...it is; the end RESULT!!! You can make up ALL the excuses you want, ANOTHER person.... (man, or woman) but it's NOT THEM!!!..... It's the 2 involved to begin with!!! The OTHER becomes the EXCUSE.... OVER and OVER again!!!! Years of your life become wasted on something that had problems all along..... some things just CAN'T be fixed, no matter WHO or WHAT is used as a TOOL to manipulate.......and the end result is Unhappiness!!! Dawn made her own decision, I was only there to listen and talk as a REAL person and not to push her into anything!! In closing, I am NOT an Atheist (spelling??) I believe in God, but I also believe what's in FRONT of me....... the TRUTH!!!

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