What is Love? Valentines Day Special



  • 2013-02-14T19:25:55

What a great story, thank you!

  • 2013-02-14T19:03:07

This story brought tears of joy.... May there be many more marriages like these..timeless and full of Gods love!

  • 2013-02-14T18:22:34

Love Is Awesome. I am grateful for Love.

  • 2013-02-14T17:57:21

Hits close to home for me, too! My maternal g-father had the privilege of caring for my g-mother for years - even after she was diagnosed w/alzheimers! (They also had a 50th wedding anniversary!)

  • 2013-02-14T17:14:27

To the moderator of God Tube, thanks for changing the colours of the bar to receive vids, it no longer looks like a cigarette. lol

  • 2013-02-14T17:07:50

Beautiful, touching story of love. His health is strengthened by love for his wife and the exercise. He is a man to be looked up to. If they have children, I pray they will care for their dad in the same loving and caring way he has cared for his wife and their mother.

  • 2013-02-14T17:02:55

ohh wow...if that doesn't make your heart feel the love for this couple, well then, you don't have one! I hope his strength golds up for as long as he can love her.....His Princess, Her William! Wow!

  • 2013-02-14T16:46:08

What a wonderful love story. You usually hear of men (and women) trading in their spouses for a "newer version" and this incredible man knows what God's love is really all about. Thank you, God.

  • 2013-02-14T15:44:00

I can only pray that I find a husband like this one day! What a great man!

  • 2013-02-14T15:41:52

I showed it to Brian and he got teary eyed and said I hope it doesn't get that bad, I said I hope it gets that good :) he said touche!! :)

  • 2013-02-14T15:31:00

God works it all for good - even my fat fingers!!! LOL! I was too busy crying to notice, he he :)

  • 2013-02-14T14:14:35

how comforting to hear of the great love which God gives that sustains and allows us to love and care for others - what a happy valentine's day gift!

  • 2013-02-14T14:08:37

Wow, so powerful. That IS self-less LOVE for sure!

  • 2013-02-14T13:47:57

Love to a very very special couple!

  • 2013-02-14T13:13:02

I think the typo is significant ;)

  • 2013-02-14T12:59:35

What an outstanding example of love and devotion. A true example of the reality in Philippians 4:8. Thank you so much for posting your story. I pray that God's hand will keep being with you both.

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