Stunning Version of You Raise Me Up Silenced a Room



  • 2015-06-15T01:06:06

So by my research into this song so far, it was originally about someones mother and was sung at her funeral... but of course it can be related to God as well.

  • 2014-09-25T20:55:05

I guess this is a forum for only putting positive comments (?). I thought is was off-key in a few places especially at the beginning. And I was looking forward to hearing the high note at the end, which never came. Hey, but he sang it much better than me.

  • 2014-03-27T01:17:38

Amen & Amen, this is one of a couple of my most treasured songs, tremendous Tim..

  • 2014-02-25T21:08:13

Praise God, Tim, you have a great voice and this is such a beautiful song, absolutely one of my favorites! Love your voice.

  • 2014-02-16T08:24:43

Beautiful, I have not heard it sung in such a beautiful way and his voice was perfect for it.

  • 2014-02-12T19:54:47

Thanks for sharing this beautiful song.

  • 2013-12-22T18:46:35

Nice one

  • 2013-12-14T17:44:17


  • 2013-12-14T16:36:46

Simply WONDERFUL Beautiful voice. He is awesome.

  • 2013-12-06T04:52:54

I was made for You...Lord <3

  • 2013-12-04T00:35:47


  • 2013-12-03T15:49:33

A beautiful song!!!

  • 2013-12-03T14:15:12

Loving this song....

  • 2013-12-03T06:32:03

Loved it...

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