Son Surprises Dad With His Old Car - So Touching



  • 2013-10-28T02:28:14

i love this father and sons love for each nice to see a family like them...

  • 2013-10-08T07:00:26 will love this one.....

  • 2013-10-08T03:37:01

So touching!

  • 2013-10-07T19:13:59

That was the best Chevy Commercial I've ever seen! "Cuddo's" to this man Sons.

  • 2013-10-07T17:53:25


  • 2013-10-07T15:27:16

This is great, loved it!!

  • 2013-10-07T15:18:16

This is what life is all about. Father & son relationship.

  • 2013-10-07T12:45:15

wow.... chevy does run deep..... what a story...... love it......

  • 2013-10-07T12:25:06

Its a wonderful shows.. i love this so much!

  • 2013-10-04T22:34:22

I was so emotional connecting for me, I teared up.

  • 2013-09-23T10:19:27

What a wonderful story!!

  • 2013-09-19T12:55:56

That was sooo awsome! Wish I could do something like that for my dad as much as he did for us!

  • 2013-09-18T21:46:17

what a wonderful oldest son was killed in a car wreck in the time, he had a 67 chevelle ss..he left a life insurance policy at work for his younger brother..well, we had to sell the car, cause the upkeep was costly.. we sold it to a man in the next town .so when our son got the insurance policy, "double indemnity", he looked the man up to see if he still had it..he did, and my son bought it had been painted Carolina blue, all new upholstery, the same radio and brand new tires. he kept it until he got married and then had ro sell it again..the upkeep was too much, but he would not drive it in the rain or at night..bugs, don't cha know..i wish we had the money to by it oldest son and his friend built the motor and boy could it run and sounded great..that's my story.oh btw, he entered it in a car show and won 3rd place..we were so proud and I know his brother was looking down from heaven.

  • 2013-09-18T20:23:21

simply awesome....

  • 2013-09-18T15:46:49

So sweet! A son's love for his father! Memories!

  • 2013-09-16T18:18:25

My 1st car was a 1965 Chevy Impala SS with a 283 ( I later put in a 350). My Grandmother had it for 10 yrs. and then gave it to me as a graduation present. I owned for 10yrs. until I had to get sell it because state law required my kids be in seatbelts in the back seat and I couldn't afford to do that. I envy you so much! It is my dream to someday have my car again as I never wanted to let it go. What a car! They don't make them like that any more. Have fun with it as I'm sure you will!

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