Rare Vintage Performance of Elvis Presley Singing Gospel - Peace in the Valley



  • 2013-07-10T20:36:26

Why don't these films ever show up on my computer? Someone please tell me, I want to watch!

  • 2013-07-09T18:01:59

It is for our sins that Jesus died on the Cross -- mine, yours, everyones. Elvis did acknowledge Christ (especially when anyone called him King) and I'm sure accepted Christ as his Saviour. That's all he needed to do. Christ paid the price for Him. How many times are we to forgive him? 70,000 times 7. It is for God to judge him, not anyone else. We must hate the sin that besets us and love the sinner. Are you God? Are you without sin? Elvis loved with abandon. He lavished gifts on all his friends to show his love. And we are admonished to "love one another". God did the same for us. Yet, we don't accept His love sometimes. Why? Oh, and it was LEGAL drugs found in his system that ultimately took him. His Christ was not a false one but very real. As stated at the outset, He died for all and that includes Elvis...

  • 2013-07-08T18:53:28

Only God knows the truth of what was in his(Elvis) heart and what is in each of ours. Walking with God is a process and I know, for me, that the more I learn, the more I realize I know so very little. We can't come even close to understanding God no matter how hard we study. I pray that people will see Christ in me before they see me but I know there are times when I have not been the example that I should have been. I am so thankful that I can come to the cross and that He forgives.

  • 2013-07-08T15:59:42

Many have known God& fell away.It is a sad, sad thing.If you listen to his gospel there is no doubt God never stopped calling to him.You cant fake the holy spirit in song, and I always feel the Lord when I listen to Elvis songs (gospel).His judgment rests with God now.Let him w/o sin cast the first stone!

  • 2013-07-08T12:44:34

Elvis was passionate about his gospel music. He was a very caring person, who loved people.

  • 2013-07-07T21:06:57

JoWana Olson thanks for saying that, nobody knows who will be in heaven and who won't be. Only God knows. Also, we should be thankful that the Lord has put someone on earth with such a beautiful voice that can sing his praises. All glory to our Lord and Saviour!

  • 2013-07-05T15:09:03

Elvis grew up in the church and singing gospel songs. He fought to make a Gospel album and they couldn't say no to him. He loved God and it shows. I only wish he could have stuck with church and let the Holy Spirit direct his path. He had a God given talent. Take note Justin and top super stars. Go the wrong path and you won't see a long life.

  • 2013-07-05T13:39:32

when crowds would scream KING to Elvis.. he would reply " there is ONLY ONE KING , Jesus Christ ." (NOT JENA .. but her mum LISA replying :_)

  • 2013-07-05T13:38:57

can you back that up ?

  • 2013-07-03T14:28:06

yeah... AMEN.

  • 2013-07-03T02:27:45

Did you know that the Bible teaches very strongly against JUDGING.... I doubt that anything you say about Elvis is a known fact by you! If you are without sin go ahead and throw those stones. He was indeed raised by a God fearing and loving mother and sang his first song in an Assembly of God church..Was he perfect---for goodness sakes No!!! Are you???

  • 2013-06-30T21:10:48

In God We Trust. https://www.facebook.com/pages/In-Jesus-We-Trust/331736820289931

  • 2013-06-29T04:18:58

As much as I liked your post, I would have to disagree with your first comment. If it is wrong for the person to put Elvis on here as you say, then why are any of Solomon's parables in the Bible? He did evil in the sight of God. This phrase is a oft-used one meaning that that is the final say on their life. He had insight but NOT wisdom for he chose to marry literally hundreds for the sake of diplomacy rather than adhere to God's command to NOT inter-marry with non-Jewish folks. He also went against God's view of marriage which is one man for one woman! Also, Ecclesiastes has much that is downright negative. All this to say, I am glad to see this as a WARNING: money and fame can be dangerous! It led him to drugs, alcohol and fornication. It resulted in a life that was shortened due to his over-indulgences! It is sad that he fell so hard. Is he in heaven? I hope so as so many have shared on here. We won't know until we get there. Again, that is not good! Let's run the race in such a way that all who know us KNOW where we have gone once we pass away that they may rejoice in our legacy of love that we left behind in the wake of our lives!

  • 2013-06-29T02:37:47

thanks for sharing

  • 2013-06-28T19:19:32

It was a BIG mistake to upload here Elvis Presleys song and to CLAIM that he spent much of his successful career praising the Lord! Those who knew Elvis said he not only knew and sang hymns he actually loved Gospel songs. If nothing else, the King of Rock & Roll knew many lyrics that were based on Bible truths. But knowing and singing beautiful hymns does not make one a Christian! Elvis did not believe the Bible in any traditional sense. His christ was a false one. Elvis constructed "a personalized religion out of what he’d read of Hinduism, Judaism, numerology, theosophy, mind control, positive thinking , the new-age, meditation and Christianity" (Hungry for Heaven, p. 143). He was sometimes called the evangelist by those who hung around him, and he called them his disciples; but the message he preached contained "strange permutations of Christian dogma" (Stairway to Heaven, p. 56). He stood for everything rock & roll stands for: sexual license, rebellion against authority, self-fulfillment, if it feels good, do it and don’t worry about tomorrow, debauchery glossed over with a thin veneer of shallow, humanistic spirituality. The rock & roll philosophy created Elvis Presley, and it killed Elvis Presley. Elvis spent the latter years of his life entertaining in "Sin City" Las Vegas (while singing a Gospel song here and there). I realize that millions of people love Elvis, but his Gospel songs were overshadowed by his blatant and unrepentant love for sin. God clearly says in Revelation 3:16 that He does NOT accept lukewarm Christianity... Presley's life was a tragic existence in the eye's of decency and morality. Elvis lived a shameful life of wine, women, and song (of illegal drugs, whores, and devilish music). Elvis' life was prematurely cut short from an illegal drug overdoes. I sincerely doubt that Elvis was a true believer. He saw through the shallowness of stardom but was a prisoner to his own success. He hungered for more out of life and became obsessed with his destiny and purpose.

  • 2013-06-28T06:15:42

I Hope he is in heaven.. I love his music,, grew up on it.

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