Rare Vintage Performance of Elvis Presley Singing Gospel - Peace in the Valley



  • 2014-08-17T09:55:19

Hey, Annie, you are the second coming of Christ and know the condition of everyone's soul? We've been waiting for you for 2011-14 years.

  • 2014-03-12T23:53:39

Joseph Keller. I love your post Bro. Good answer. I personally believe I'll see Elvis in heaven. I don't think it's possible to sing those words and not be touched by God. I think he would've been convicted by the Holy Spirit every time. Convicted of the grief he was giving God, and even more so, of the deep love that God absolutely had for him. As bad as he got, I reckon each time he sang gospel, he would have repeatedly felt the depth of God's love. I know in my own life, it's when I sing, worshipping God, in those awful moments when I realise there's nothing I can personally do to fix something for someone else, that I know God can touch that situation and use it for his glory. Other people speak God's word into their's and other people's lives. I reckon Elvis was like me. We sing God's word into our own, and other people's lives. That's why, I do believe, one day I'll see my brother in Christ, Elvis, in heaven one day. And yup! There will be peace in the valley there! Cos of Jesus!

  • 2014-03-12T23:39:25

When I first saw Elvis sing this, I was mesmerized. I think I've watched it 50 times over the past few weeks. Then I finally started singing it. Hard at first, then I finally got it. Then one day about 2 weeks later I became aware through prayer group of a receptionist who had been struggling, and went to see her, and sang it to her. She broke down in tears, and I didn't know at first whether it was my bad singing, or the song. Then I learned she'd been overwhelmed at work, and God used this song to speak right into her situation. She'd prayed for peace! For God to let her know he was listening. So thankyou Jesus for giving us such a darling man in our world as Elvis. He expressed so beautifully, the purity of the lyrics of Peace in the Valley. Thankyou Lord for precious gifts that just keep on giving.

  • 2014-03-08T14:45:53

Very old 33 1/3? I remember when they first came out .Very old ,indeed?

  • 2014-01-17T21:39:40

Elvis recorded over 800 songs in his career with about 80 of them being gospel songs. Imagine a Disciple of Christ being labeled the king of rock and roll.

  • 2014-01-12T14:02:36


  • 2013-12-21T17:33:17


  • 2013-12-04T03:00:07

Funny How People With NO Clue Post. Annie Whoever. Joseph Keller Lets Talk Solomon! And Yess Elvis!!!

  • 2013-12-03T02:37:48

Elvis Loved His Family, And Friends! The Rest is Up To Society!!!

  • 2013-12-03T02:22:35

I Will Always Remember the young Spiritual Elvis, and yet I remember Little Richard. The Kings of Rock and Roll! Yep!!!

  • 2013-12-03T02:04:43

Love it! Gonna Share this one With Helen. Elvis Represented, Faith! Society Dictates the rest!!!

  • 2013-12-02T13:23:57

amen rip elvis

  • 2013-07-17T19:19:13

Gabbi Hayes - The Bible says a true christian does not persevere in sin, especially in horrible sins like sexual immorality and drug addiction. Of course, only God knows his last moments of life, if he repented or not. I so wish he had time to do that and meet him in heaven! But we cannot say he knew Jesus before, not with that lifestyle. I am very sorry for all the precious souls that reject Jesus and go to hell forever. I don't want to judge. But we need to tell the truth in love. Jesus bless you!

  • 2013-07-17T19:10:27

Yes, Anna, you are very right, unfortunately. I am so sorry for his precious soul.

  • 2013-07-17T05:02:06

beautiful voice. Grew up with Elvis music, loved it as a kid and love it now.

  • 2013-07-17T01:29:59

I love his gospel music an I have all of it I believe,there is only 1 king that is Jesus Christ ...the Son of God .. Elvis was never the king, I really njoy his gospel an his music my parents liked him as I learned to as well

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