The Godly Truth About Bikinis - FINALLY Someone Gets It!



  • 2014-05-31T02:59:34

Really Noble Tiger?? Really?? ok just don't morph and kick my butt...

  • 2014-05-30T18:23:04

Yes, it is true that men should exercise control, but how loving is it for a woman to dress in such a way that the man has to exercise that control in the first place? Isn't our Christian walk really about love? " If we say we love God and yet hate our brother, the love of God is not in us."

  • 2014-05-25T18:06:39

Wayne Holden

  • 2014-05-12T01:09:46

Anna Majerus you're a bit late to the party mate hahaha

  • 2014-05-12T01:03:16


  • 2014-05-12T00:56:39

Nooooooooooo, nonoonononononono, a women deserves to be respected like a human being no matter how she dresses. I'm sorry, but this is bullshit

  • 2014-05-11T15:47:26

This is very disturbing--she makes a huge leap from what men were shown to tying all around the bikini! Shame on her. If men were shown women in one piece bathing suits the same would also happen! She takes leap after leap here and people will listen to it as IF she is spewing fact. Shame on her!

  • 2014-05-09T19:36:22

Aaron Brown has to throw out the Bible being ultimately from God in order to have what he wants.

  • 2014-05-05T02:41:34

wow. let go and live your life people.

  • 2014-04-22T02:17:06

If it's all about being modest then don't wear a swimsuit unless it covers you as much as your everyday clothes do. At one time the swimsuits she deigned were considered risque or sexy. *cough* rape culture *cough*

  • 2014-04-12T22:02:19

Beautifully put, Our bodies are the Temple of God , Treat them with honor and dignity .

  • 2014-04-09T03:07:21

Sounds to me like she's trying to sell a line of swim suits to a niche demographic.

  • 2014-04-09T03:06:15

Sounds to me like she's trying to sell a line of swim suits and thinks she's found a niche demographic.

  • 2014-03-30T16:46:30

Did God not put Adam and Eve in the Garden naked? It was the Serpent that shamed them both into covering up. Maybe the Nudists have it right?

  • 2014-03-27T20:30:46

Chris Abe Check out the Himba, Swazi, Zulu and Papunya cultures. I'm curious to know why the practice of gender-equitable toplessness is sufficient grounds for us to assume that they also practice cannibalism and human sacrifices. I wouldn't condone such practices in my neighborhood, but at the same time there is no (valid) reason to assume that such practices are going on in somebody else's just because they're different. As for humility, I find that people - myself included - come across as most arrogant at the precise moment when we are calling upon others to be more humble. It comes off as "humble yourself before me!" If you have something new to teach me, I am interested to learn it; by and large, however, I have seen a lot of people in this discussion refusing to handle other cultures in a non-normative, non-judgmental manner.

  • 2014-03-27T14:20:43

Ian Kinzel - its funny how you reference 'other cultures' yet fail to recognize the context 'of the current culture' where this discussion is happening. These 'other cultures' perhaps practices 'cannibalism' and 'human sacrifices', would you condone those if they happened in your neighbourhood? Folks need to have a sense of humility while expressing their opinion and sincerely evaluate if there is some merit in the opposing viewpoint - maybe you will learn something new which will only help you. On that note, I agree with your last sentence mate :) cheers

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